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    Lol - man you are streaming error 37

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    I've got a livestream up now for those bored and unable to play. Both level 11, me and a friend, Barb + Wizard. Will be up constantly for at least 24 hours.

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    i'll be streaming as a Witch Doctor as soon as the servers open.

    ht tp:/ /ww w.twit

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    I will be streaming a Barbarian or Demon Hunter for 24+ hours. I will be taking my time to soak up the lore and atmosphere through my first play-through on Normal.


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    In addition to Pulch's Wizard POV we're streaming Demon Hunter at
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    hey folks,

    to celebrate the launch of D3 I will be doing a livestream marathon of at least 24 hours for release. i plan to go as far as possibly 40 hours.

    1080p clear livestream
    monk gameplay
    prize giveaways
    1x SIGNED collectors edition D3 box
    2x razer naga 2012
    2x steelseries diablo 3 headset
    3x blizzard authenticators
    4x mini tryael statues (blizzcon edition)

    we will be going live at 2:30 east coast, 11:30 west

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    This will be from the perspective of Barbarian, and will be a full 4 player group. Group comp will be Witch Doctor, Monk, and Wizard.

    Will go live of course once game is launched in US, 45 mins.

    Quote Originally Posted by Farahawnee View Post
    Not having an authenticator on your account is like not locking your windows because your front door is locked, and then wondering how a burglar got in.

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    going for first HC lvl 60 duo (wizard pov)

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    I will not be updating the main post anymore as the game is about to go live.

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    Streaming / Barb & Wiz / Level 14+

    Just for anyone bored and still waiting to play.

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    Can you please sticky this? Its getting lost in all the "QQ i cant log in" posts

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    stream starting up again at

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orbitus View Post
    Honestly this is a waste of time personally, its just like the kripparian vs athene crap. Who cares? I will be playing the game and having fun rather than watching some useless stream of someone else playing the game. As for the krip vs athene crap, I don't know or care about either one. I won't care about world first idiots either.
    I enjoy watching folks stream, but i see ur point.

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    Level 25 Wizard, Act 3. 720p Stream live now at

    I'm not playing any dubstep or commentating in some annoying voice, i'm just playing through the game and testing out fun builds

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    nvm... 10chars
    l'alurl gol zhah elghinyrr gol.

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    Level 35 Barb in Nightmare Act 1.. Will be streaming once servers come back live.

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    Dizease #1710, Demon Hunter POV, will be streaming at http : / / w w w. twitch. tv / dizease_jamez

    Currently Nightmare act III, level 43.

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