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    Boras, Sweden.
    Heres my stream playing my 60 SC Wiz which has soon cleared inferno, but mainly playing my HC barb which is soon 60 and starting to progress, guaranteed man-ups if interested in watching!

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    Heya guys, I'm currently live streaming with my buddy who's a DH, we're just doing SB Act 3 Inferno runs. This will be a very regular thing with us live streaming together! The quality of my stream isn't the best at the moment as I'm on .7 MBS upload speed with BT, I've upgraded recently so the quality will be perfect soon.

    Monk Stream

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    Demon Hunter 133k Crafting Helms of Command and playing with friends!

    EU Server

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    Didn't already see this posted, found this awesome stream.

    Zrave's Barbarian Stream

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    Wow that is awesome man!

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    Alot of Demon Hunters seems to struggle after the patch.
    I would like to show people how to survive, as a Demon hunter in a2 and beyond in inferno. With a good solid build, some great defense (40khp and +600 all ress) and a decent dmg. (65k)

    If you are interested, come ask any questions you like.

    - aegge

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    Barb stream w/ theorycrafting

    tune in at June 25th at 10pm for the million gold challenge coverage

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    I stream mostly hardcore Barb, sometimes softcore WW barb when I'm bored.

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    Streaming hardcore Inferno witch doctor 9pm est to 4am est. Sun-Fri. I have 4 hardcore witch doctors and happily answer questions of streamers.

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    Challenged myself to reach inferno in just white items. First day yesterday, going for Belial (normal) today.
    Rules are: No AH, no co-op. Henchmen can only use white items as well.

    Check in!

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    Witch Doctor Inferno Whimsy 350% MF Runs w/ Commentary - No Gear Swap - All DPS/MF Gear

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    Skrigg - 73k DMG Monk


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    Reja - Whirlwind Barb

    You can check the stats and gear:

    I do full act3 runs for 45-55 minutes everyday 14:00 - 00:00 CET

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    Currently farming A2 occasionally on a 30k DPS MF wizard.

    I randomly decide play other random games at my leisure.

    Knowledgeable player answering any questions on all classes
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    Kamuchi is a female gamer from Argentina(speaking english and some spanish) trying to earn her spot in the gaming scene. She'll be playing games like diablo 3 ( inferno as DH ), Team fortress 2 until guild wars 2 comes out. Chat with her, have fun with her, play with in:

    See you guys in there

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    We are two guys with to much time, who decide to run a small marathon this weekend.
    We just startet 2 new chars playing from lvl 1 until we die on hardcore, no sleep or any big break until then either.

    Microphone is on, so if you bored, come check us out and say hello

    Cant post links to had to throw in a space and remove the www, you should be able to figure it out.
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    Netherlight Temple

    Guy promoting people and posting vids about guild raids and other games.
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    Streaming at

    (US)~Life Steal~ 75k DPS dual wield monk. Free boss kills loot give aways and gear checks. Theory crafting + farming + auction house.

    I will be doing some duo farming with a meele wizard that brought you the in depth guide at


    Come join the life steal mafia

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