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    puzzle ring goblin farming!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destroyed View Post

    puzzle ring goblin farming!
    more goblin farming

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    hardcore leveling, giveaways and more going on tonight!

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    WW Barb, trying to do giveaways at least everyday, ive done 4 max in one day.
    I dont really like to farm on stream so i usually only stream when im getting ready to do a giveaway, thanks.


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    Bit late to the party, but I've been streaming any game I play. Currently farming A3 on my Monk, sometimes I play HoN too.
    Retired WoW player. Ameteur family man.

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    Streaming Demon Hunter :

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    If you can't enter, just take away "sv".

    Doing speedruns with my viewers and giving away all the loot that I find, even legendarys with maxrolls! Come and join for a fun stream!

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    streaming live now also doing item giveaways[/url]

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    WW barb ubers mp10. Im streaming everyday on EU server

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    Wink Do you often say: Upgrades i need upgrades but what?

    If so, there is a streamer on EU that will help you upgrade your character, his name is Nisse and he was part of the EU first mp10 Uber boss kill with INVIS and the crew. He will help you upgrade and he is GOOD at it, just go to his stream, check him out, send him a PM on twitch about what you have gold wise to upgrade for and he will sort you out and help you all he can!

    His stream link is: head on over, you will impressed!

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    HC MP10 .. currently about to do hell diablo on my WD on mp10

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    Hey there, I'm a passionate and dedicate italian gamer. I'd like to help people out by doing gear checks, suggesting them what could be a decent upgrade for their existing gear and even buy some of the pieces they may need if they already have a budget they would like to spend. No fees obviously. :O
    Actually I'm not making uber runs, but I'll work on it in the next week.
    Hope to see some of you guys passing by at least.
    Thanks for this topic . Have a nice day.

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    [EU]Barb 110k+ dps Streaming from Estonia
    online, lucky drops today)

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    [Stream] [EU]Barb 110k+ dps Streaming from Estonia

    [EU]Barb 110k+ dps Streaming from Estonia
    online, lucky drops today)

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    Diablo 3 Quadbox!

    Check this stream out

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    Multiboxing 4x Tempest Rush Monks!

    Hello MMO, of the Diablo Forum.
    Im happy to say I started streaming my Diablo3 gameplay!
    Also Multiboxing it, Enjoy your stay at My Stream!

    Take care and Thank you!

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    I was born for streaming [EU]Barb 110k+ dps Streaming from Estonia
    back online guys!

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    My TwitchTV channel:
    My Livestream webpage:

    Streaming from Monday to Friday, and sometimes at weekends also.

    Currently streaming D3 which I just got recently
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    [EU][1080p]LopyG - Ubers with viewers. GIVEAWAYS. Gearbuilds and Tips.

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