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    Huge giveaways on stream every run

    Come watch hang out and win some gear! Viewer runs and giveaways all day!

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    [1080p]LopyG - Giveaways. Ubers. Activly talking with viewers.
    Sup guys, I'm from Estonia. Streaming everyday all day as much as possible - High quality, awesome gameplay & very active viewer interaction.

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    Thumbs up [1080p]LopyG - Giveaways. Ubers. Activly talking with viewers.

    [1080p]LopyG - Giveaways. Ubers. Activly talking with viewers.
    Sup guys, I'm from Estonia. Streaming everyday all day as much as possible - High quality, awesome gameplay & very active viewer interaction.

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    EU-Monk farming fast on mp5, a lot of giveaways, crafting new items . Follow me to see when im online.

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    iamdos on
    EU-wd farming, ubers. and UNID legendaries giveaway. just sub and get a legendary!

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    D3 Streaming Community by Bowji

    Tired of going to and just sitting around and waiting for a giveaway?

    Asking questions and hoping the streamer happens to catch it while he is farming?

    Maybe even listening to some lame Pandora station while the streaming neck-beard breathes heavily into the mic?

    If these things have afflicted your Diablo 3 stream viewing pleasure, then you should really pay attention to an up and coming streamer who drops giveaways left and right and is only looking for more viewers to take more of his gold, gems, and legendaries. We are also looking at focusing more on the viewers and what we can do for you. Have a question about a build? Ask it and someone will find the answer for you, if they don't know it straight away. This stream is NOT about watching perma frozen mobs die in scores, or staring at barbs spinning until you're queasy. This stream is more about bringing D3 players together and giving you a one-stop shop for relevant assistance that YOU need.

    Hopefully, at this point, you are beginning to see the light and are asking frantically, "Who, Heeya, who is this benevolent streamer and where can I find him?" Well it is simple really, his name is Bowji and he can be found at twitch .tv/ bowji

    So come, join us, the stream is kicking nearly all hours, so don't worry about your timezone, just pop in and if it isn't up at that time, hit the follow button and keep an eye on your emails.

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    (HC) We are ready to help rookies to give things

    I want to advise all new players sign up

    We want to attract people's attention to the Hardcore mode. We believe that the game in this mode is the most exciting, amazing and interesting in Diablo 3. We are ready to help rookies to give things and nice tips - just ask in the chat and we will try to answer any question.

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    Hello! I'm fairly new to streaming, but I do my best to stream purist HC every day. At the moment, I play a WD and I'm currently levelling with 3 other guys. I try to answer all l questions to the best of my ability.
    I also do softcore giveaways and advice on skills and gear from time to time. If you're interested, join in on most evenings!
    While this post appears to be written in frickin' sanskrit, I'll try to make a sensible response.

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    Hey guys come watch my twitch and tell me what I should change and what I am doing well. Also, I'll play with my viewers so if you are looking for someone to help carry you through higher MPs I am a cm and am willing to do that. Looking for new friends and followers. And please chat I will answer any questions and I'm not strict on chat rules.
    PS I do promotional give aways for my followers ( :

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    working 1 on 1 with new and returning players and other activities

    I'm doing 1 on 1 work with newbies and returning players
    I run CM Wiz I will also run people so they can do higher level mps
    I do mps 10 runs which you can watch I sometimes give away legendries to channel viewers
    I have other promotions as well[/url]

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    Check out stream, play with us, get free loots and have fun!

    Streaming every day for many hours each day! Join us!

    Also, if you refer people that join the stream, you get free legendaries for just doing it! Don't gotta wait for drawing just get your stuff.
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    Currently live-streaming my ww/hota barbarian (PL 100) and when I'm bored, my Archon wiz (PL 81) - come in and watch.

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    Theres a competition going on right now between Maximusgrahamicus and K3Mist. Loser has to give up all legendaries farmed during the 12 hours to the winner! Tune in now guys they are just getting it going! www . twitch . tv/ maximusgrahamicus

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    Add my best friend Lexyu ( to the list.. Multibox's 4 WD's. Hardcore only. 15mil giveaways every 1 hour. 300mil giveaway every sunday night. Hes super hot, friendly, awesome and cool.

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    Starting to stream again. Have a team of 4 doing co-op Hardcore. WW Barb (myself), 2 Ball Lightning DH, and a BBV WD. Synergy is excellent and our new Act 1 route has been yielding anywhere between 100-120m xp/hr on mp2. As of last night, one of the DH died to a disconnect (at plvl 66) and may be switching to TR monk with overawe to increase xp/hr.

    If the stream gets a steady amount of viewers, I'd be happy to do some unid or gold giveaways on US Hardcore.

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    Come Check out a spinning barbarian sharing the loot

    This is a great stream to just hang out and discuss the next expansion as well as the console. Some free loots and gold is always nice as well, but com check us out for the discussions.

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    Hot sauce boss barb 300k ub paragon leveling, uber carries, power leveling, and helping newbs build their character and teaching them how to play them. Giveaways and sick music!

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    new york witch doctor stream

    Hey everyone I'm Alex 28yrs from ny streaming 9pm est time. We r getting ready for expansion so come hang out and join us!

    we are also looking for mature gamers to join our reapers of souls guild. Sinners n saints

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    Hi there, I am 20 years old and all I want to do is sit on my butt and play video games (and in the proces both entertain and share tips with you guys). I came to realize that it is actually possible to make a living this way and thus I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a full time streamer!

    I wrote countless guides throught all the years of my gaming career and received immensely positive feedback but I never really had a chance to do anything more but turst me, I really wanted to - now, after purchasing new hardware, the opportunity has presented itself.

    Hardcore Gamer, theorycrafting guru and a guild master of Nebula Guild (for the upcoming wildstar MMO). Yeah, that would be me.

    In my spare time I mostly play games - I want to play them in the most hardcore possible way. I always strive to be the best while playing them (and I am usually pretty successful at it, given my accomplishments). I enjoy theorycrafting and min maxing aspects of any game that I play the most so expect to see lots of guides and insigtful tips on my stream (as well as off-stream, on my blog and youtube channel).

    Be sure to check me out over at:

    [HARDCORE] T4 rift farm with a crusader, top 1 STR in the world according to DiabloProgress! :O // 6 akkhan pieces!

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