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    is diablo anything like wow??

    so ive never played any of the diablo games, but im excited for tonight anyway. then i started reading up on the game and stuff and ive always thought it was kinda like wow, but it seemed more like a singleplayer game? is this the case?? can u see other ppl while questing?do u raid and stuff??

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    It isn't like wow, it isn't an MMO, it's designed as a single player game but has the option to do up to 4 player groups.
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    To answer your title alone : absolutely 11,000,000 times NO.

    To answer your actual post : there is small co-op play supported (up to four people), but if you are playing solo the only time you will really see anyone else is in town. Once entering combat areas you won't see other people as it is all, in essence, "instanced".
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    You push buttons and kill monsters. That's about it.It's a single player game with optional multiplayer mode. You can group with up to 4 people and player through the story. It's however not an mmo. There are no raids, there are no dungeons. As far as i'm aware, they plan on implementing a arena like pvp system

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    No. Diablo isn't WoW.If you're hoping for WoW, going to compare it to WoW, complain like you did in WoW.. please stay the Hell away.

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    Your all lying to this poor fellow, Diablo and WoW are both Games.
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    There are no raids. Diablo 3 is not an MMO. Diablo 3 is nothing like WoW. You can group up with three others to play cooperative, or you can play totally alone. Friends can automatically join your game if you allow them, or you can restrict that by setting it to invite only. You can also join public games, and you get joined up with three others through a matchmaking system.

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    This isn't a MMORPG.

    It is a single player game, but has an inbuilt multiplayer concept, where up to four players are in the game, including you.

    What I'm trying to say is not to go into it with the mind set of WoW. Completely different games.
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    No, it's not like WoW. It's a multiplayer game but a 4 player closed world (not an open world, you cannot meet anyone not inside your game). There are no raids, only the storyline + dungeons + quests / events. There are however bosses, the whole game is basically one massive raid split into four acts.

    But it's really not like Wow at all, totally different genre and playstyle.

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    It's nothing like wow
    It's a hack'n'slash dungeon crawl game, you can play it single player, or you can get, up to 3 others to join you (4 being max in a grp)
    you do not raid, as there aren't any raids, there is 1 quest line through out the game, when you're done with the quest, you 'finish' the game, on normal. then you go onto hell and nightmare, and if you're hardcore insane.
    and if you really want a challenge you can play on hardcore, meaning: death = game over! you can't ress on hardcore (a little like wow's iron man challenge, but much harder)
    the game consist of ALOT of item/boss/rare farming, where you do the same quest over and over, to get better gear/lvl so that you can move on to harder modes, or just harder bosses.

    hope that helps a little, I'm also super excited

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bane-US View Post
    No. Diablo isn't WoW.If you're hoping for WoW, going to compare it to WoW, complain like you did in WoW.. please stay the Hell away.
    Who said he would complain?

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    They both have gold you get, and gear upgrades. They are both action rpg's. They have npc's you interact with, and quests you complete. they are both played on computers. It really is all dependent on how you want to compare them.

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    Absolutely not is all I will say to you OP.

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    okay, but since theres an auction house im guessing u can trade with other players in towns or?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anjerith View Post
    Your all lying to this poor fellow, Diablo and WoW are both Games.
    Both of them are Role Playing Games too. Developed by the same company for the same two platforms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Udontknowme View Post
    okay, but since theres an auction house im guessing u can trade with other players in towns or?
    you can trade through the ah, and you can drop things for ppl in your grp, but, you can only see the ppl in your grp, it's not like orgrimmar, where everyone is, most likely you will only ever see a small fraction of all the players playing the game, since you can be a max of 4 at a time

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    oki, ty for the input guys

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    No. The only similarities with WoW are : Made by Blizzard, has different classes.

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    The game style is look alike so u feel familiuar. but it's alot better than WoW.

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    It's anything but WoW

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