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    Freelancer, so so much.

    Please make a sequel

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    Heroes of Might and magic 3. Man the rest of the series fucking sucked.

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    What's not to love about car wars through a post-apocalyptic countryside?

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    I would bring back:
    Top Gun
    Star Fox

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    Mechwarrior FTW

    I miss those games
    Fate rarely calls at a moment of our choosing...

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    I wish they would remake the original pokemon. None of this 500+ pokemon with none of the originals still around. Talking the original 151 with perhaps a few extra evolutions added. Is that really so hard?

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    FF9 HD and definitely a sequel set in the same world, Vanilla CoD & CoD:MW1 remakes or proper sequels (just needs better servers on console and titles/emblems + more maps) but these days trollfinity ward should not be allowed to touch anything, FF6 complete remake, FF Tactics sequel with similar gameplay, hell let's just say I want a final fantasy that isn't completely shit and based solely on graphics and voice acting. Umm, I'm sure there are plenty more but I can't remember at the moment. So much potential awesomeness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BF3Cayin View Post
    Wonderboy from Sega with remade graphs, beats mario / Legend of Zelda / sonic anyday.
    wonderboy games really were great fun. strange they faded into obscurity. Sonic was pretty awful in comparison. Not sure you can say they beat mario or zelda though :P

    personally I would like to see planescape: torment and baldurs gates, I tried to revisit them but the interface was just too clunky to really get into them

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    Final Fantasy IX and The Longest Journey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by notwen View Post
    top gear 1, donk kong country 2, f-zero ...

    i miss a lot those SNES games T.T

    gold times that i miss a lot

    if someone did remake DKC2 in HD it'd probably have dubstep remixes of all the songs. lol

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    Vampires the masquerade Bloodlines and i know of the upcoming mmo but have little faith it could piss on the original troika game
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    A sequel to Warcraft 3 (that is a RTS)

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    Gabriel Knight 4. Without a doubt.
    I don't hate you. I'm just not necessarily excited about your existence.

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    SIM ANT! C'mon Maxis!

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    Final Fantasy IV/VI/VII/VIII/IX (Iknow they already did a remake of IV but is was for the DS; I want a PS3 version)
    Secret of Mana
    Chrono Trigger/Cross
    LOZ: Link to the Past(3D version a la OOT with current gfx)
    Killer Instinct(yes Killer Instinct)
    Metroid/Super Metroid(in the style of Metroid: Other M)
    The Guadian Legend(a remake of this would be EPIC as long as it's the same as the NES version with current gfx)
    Act Raiser I (Actraiser II was ok, but I liked the pseudo-RPG aspect of the first one)
    Warcraft I/II
    C&C Tiberium Sun/Red Alert 2
    Morrowind(with Skyrim gfx)
    Diablo 2(updated to Diablo 3 style, maybe as an addon/expansion pack?)

    I'll ad more when I think of them.

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    I'll add the Quest for Glory games. Running through them again after gog got them and forgot how amazing these games were (and still are, once you get past the text parser).

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    D&D: Eye of the beholder series updated with todays technology. Could be nostalgia but that was one of my first pc games and I played the heck out of it

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