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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiny212 View Post
    World of Warcraft..
    I remember when it used to be good too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shininglight View Post
    As a sequel or remake, which one(s) would you want to bring back =]

    Personally I would like the Shining Force (remake and sequels) and Phantasy Star (remake and sequels) series from the old Genesis to return. Not the crap they have now on the series >.>

    Another would be Final Fantasy VII (remake) lol
    Everything you said is exactly how I feel except the FF7 part. Instead, perhaps something like another Suikoden or King's Field.

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    Dungeon Keeper
    Baldur's Gate
    X-com (UFO-Defense for the europeans I guess)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiev View Post
    Dungeon Keeper
    Baldur's Gate
    X-com (UFO-Defense for the europeans I guess)
    They are making 2 new X-com games btw. One is like the original and the other a FPS.

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    Tiev: check out

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    a sequel for dragoon would be nice

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    Chrono Trigger
    Final Fantasy 7
    Secret of Mana
    Breath of Fire's 1-4
    Saga Frontier
    Final Fantasy Tactics

    All remakes. Same game, current generation graphics/textures. Yes please.

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    I would love to see a 3rd installment in the Chrono Trigger series. Both Trigger and Cross were excellent games and I feel like there is a lot more to explore in that universe. For a long time there were rumors of a Chrono Break, but alas only rumors.

    As for a complete remake? Definitely Xenogears. Xenogears is by far my favorite game of all time, the story rivals a lot of today's games in scope and size. It's a shame that disc 2 was such a rush job because of budgetary restraints. This game was ahead of its time, it's sad that not a lot of people have played it. Story telling at its best.

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    Talie: heading to the website to check it out right now.

    Stanky: Wait, but the original creators you mean? Because there are a lot of people who tried to copy the game and failed every time (ufo:aftermath, etc).

    The X-Com fps I read somewhere but quickly ignored. FPS isn't x-com, sadly. Didn't know they were going to make one like the original. If that's true. MAN that's going to be GREAT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakia View Post
    My biggest wish is for a true TIE Fighter or X-Wing remake. I want it done right, not destroyed by modern game design (ie making Syndicate a FPS).

    The runner up would be a true remake of Syndicate.
    This this this this!

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    Final Fantasy 7, please.

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    Legend of Dragoon.
    Final Fantasy X (Still the best game of the series since FF VII imo).
    And a lot of other PS2/PS1 remakes I'd like to see in HD.
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    WoW when 2.4.3 or 3.1 were live.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Velthy View Post
    Final Fantasy 7, please.
    What's funny is, Square-Enix knows they're sitting on a gold mine if they decide to remake Final Fantasy VII. The problem is, if they do it, I don't feel confident in them making a good remake. Square-Enix is a prime example of how the mighty have fallen. The only thing that needs to be done is update the graphics and sound/music. I have a feeling they would change story elements, and the battle system.

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    I forgot to add Parrapa the Rapper
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    Final Fantasy VIII (Yes I mean 8 screw 7 even tho it too is awesome, but its had enough attention)
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    Super Mario RPG

    and maybe Battletoads

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    The very first Dune game from Westwood without a doubt, the game that created the RTS genre as we know it. Sadly nobody owns the copyrights anymore

    C&C: Renegade, I badly want this game ''back'' with the best of today's standarts. Frostbite 2 engine etc.

    Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert 1, still great games but I would love to see a HD remake

    Warcraft 1. Screw MoP, screw WC4, screw Titan, and screw any other Blizzard game. I WANT A REBOOT OF WARCRAFT 1!!!!! And give them actual lore

    The old Donkey Kong Countries, would love to see more of them

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    Quote Originally Posted by welcome2life View Post
    Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals as a remake! One of the best puzzle/RPG I've ever played... unfortunately the 3rd installment of the series nearly completely removed the puzzle element and crushed my adolescent heart. The 4th tried to return to its roots and had some success but the series has now apparently died. I heard there was a 5th but wasn't really publicized and I haven't seen any copies in all my backwater gaming store bin diving.

    Lufia II has a "re-imagining" on the DS called "Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals." It's pretty decent, but it isn't as good as the original.

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