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    Homeworld. (Relic crushed my hopes for Homeworld 3 after they've announced CoH2 )
    MechWarrior 2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bitlovin View Post
    Shadowrun. The SNES version.

    The creator of the original PnP RPG is involved.

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    Ciderland, arrgh.
    Id pay for a Ps3 solely for a FF7 remake, it would be unreal.

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    My personal favorite for remake would be: Project Firestart on the C64
    This was THE first survival horror game I played. If they'd turn it into a proper Resident Evil 1 GameCube style of survival horror game, I'd go freaking berserk.

    As for which deserves a sequel (hell, even a remake): Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem for the GameCube
    This game was the first to make me actually doubt my sanity whilst playing

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    i would be happy with just a port of seiken densetsu 3.
    a remakwe would be awesome if they keep the story intact.
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    The loss of the ability to pass on loot is the loss of the ability to choose. This is communism
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    A year from now someone on these forums is gonna say that the (wod) launch went smoothly..... I am gonna remind that asshole of this launch, this shit is not going smoothly at all.

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    For me I'd wish to have a remake of Diggers on Amiga CD32!

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    A new look to Tales of the Abyss would be brilliant.

    Also Freelancer, either remake or sequel I think they would both be great (I love Juni <3)

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    super mario land 2, best gameboy and possibly best mario game ever

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    Tetrisphere (N64)

    I'd love an iOS port. I was so addicted to that game back in the day and it would translate perfectly to touch controls.

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    star wars battlefront. make it happen people
    someone else might have gotten it wrong.

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    I would love a sequel to Chrono Trigger as a mmo; I really think it could be pulled off having multiple times as key features. Not to mention an expansion could be another time, having that familiarity yet can be really new and different.

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    An open world Pokemon red/blue with realistic graphics and a serious story

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    Gold digger(amiga)
    Sequals to on PC:
    Dungeon keeper
    Theme Hospital

    Probably more but those are the ones standing out for me atm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shininglight View Post
    Another would be Final Fantasy VII (remake) lol
    Waaaaaaaaaaay too overrated >_>

    SMRPG for sure.
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    Total Annihilation

    Failing that, wtb another quake game with the same physics as quake 3!

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    Mutant league football for genesis

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vayjir View Post
    Remake Dungeon Keeper 2 with better graphics and maybe more missions or make Dungeon Keeper 3.
    YES!! 100% agreed!

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    Dungeon keeper (2 sucked)
    Quake 1 (yeah, give me real gothic horror with fast-paced action please, not what FPSs are these days).

    But the one that -> NEEDS <- a sequel is just... Legacy of kain. Finish this marvelous saga, please ^_^ will give snuggles and cupcakes!

    EDIT:Oh, forgot baldur's gate. That should be here as well.
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    Myth II Soulblighter, but only if Bungie produced it.

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