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    good old isometric fallout with d3 graphics ...gief

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    Carmageddon. the original. not 2 or 3. or 64 or whatever. the original, with upgraded graphics and the ability to run it without needing dosbox emu.

    Also, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, but with balanced Skill tiers, so people diddnt just go physical combat or stealth and ignore magic.

    Thief and Thief 2. combine and update.
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    Quest for Glory series
    Planescape: Torment
    Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magic Obscura

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    Someone said already Theme hospital but... it's too good to not mention it again.

    A game as crazy as Super mario bros 3 (the NDS hack is pretty good although)

    A game like Lost Vikings would be awesome (but without breaking it making it 3D...)

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    the Baldurs Gate series, the Icewind dale series AND the neverwinter nights series with Dragon age graphics and Baldurs gate 2 style dialogues and romance..

    ...oh lawd. I would not leave my house in months.

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    Soccer Kid and The Chaos Engine. That'll do for me I think.

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    The Day of Tentacle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lothaeryn View Post
    #3: The Legacy of Kain Series

    This has to be one of the best games that existed as a Play Station only title, its such a shame that a gem like this was only hindered by the graphical limitations of the time it was made and finished. If you ever played the game, you know what I mean. The voice acting was one of the best of its time, and the plot (while confusing) was a sound one once the game came full circle to its conclusion.

    Imagine Soul Reaver 1 with the graphical power of Arkham city, that would be something to see.
    I would love to see this, so much. Though I would wonder who could replace Tony Jay.. would not feel quite the same without him, Simon Templeman and Michael Bell. Of course, if it were possible to just port the audio..

    I'd also love to see the Seiken Densetsu series ported to a handheld, probably the 3DS. Not completely remade, maybe jazzed up a little, so as to not destroy their charm.

    Oh, and Skies of Arcadia would be great too! Possibly even with voice acting, if done correctly!

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    A direct sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics on the Playstation that takes you to a new continent and features online vs battles and stage editors :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon9870 View Post
    Waaaaaaaaaaay too overrated >_>

    SMRPG for sure.
    FFVII is the NIRVANA of the RPGs, i mean the band of course. WAAAAY TOO OVERRATED. waay too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Torched View Post
    A year from now someone on these forums is gonna say that the (wod) launch went smoothly..... I am gonna remind that asshole of this launch, this shit is not going smoothly at all.

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    Remake Mother 3 for 3ds and actually have it localized.

    It's a pipe dream I know.

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    One Must Fall 2097
    Raptor: Call of the Shadows
    Day of the Tentacle
    Larry (any of the typing versions, not that clicky stuff)
    (edit: ) X-Com Ufo Defense

    I'd still love for mister Dyack to make the second and third parts of Too Human too, though I doubt that will ever happen.

    Guess there's lots of games I'm forgetting about too... One Must Fall 2097 instantly popped into my mind though.

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    Bugdom or Nanasaur would be awesome

    Played them in primary school, good times.

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    I'd bring World of Warcraft back and throw the current crap to the garbage

    Out of that, i'd get FFVI, VII and VIII back <3

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    Age of Empires 2

    Once all the new RTS games went from just ground to ground and air (and some units not being able to hit others at all), I lost most of my interest. All units should be able to hit all units

    Played SC2 for a while, got to Masters League in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4, so I played it enough to know how I feel for sure, but I never felt that same epicness as all ground units
    Quote Originally Posted by kasath
    is anyone in this group under 18? my parole officer says I'm not allowed to play wow with anyone under 18

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    Age of Empires II - Collectors edition.

    Damn I miss that game..

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    steel empires 2

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    Sequel to:
    -the Earthbound series
    -Super Mario World, or Super Mario Bros. 3 (because "New" Super Mario Bros. isn't new anymore)
    -Pokemon Snap

    -Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire
    -Metroid 2 (similar to Zero Mission)

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    If we had a modern version of X-Wing vs. TIE fighter, I might never play an MMO again.

    Hell, if the network code in the original was any good, I might be playing it right now.
    Quote Originally Posted by xxAkirhaxx View Post
    Blizzard is a conglomerate that through lower sub numbers has raised revenue. They're not stupid, they're just not catering to you.
    Yes yes, I know, the sky just bonked you on the head, casuals are taking over the government, and some baddie just got a raid drop... I think you'll live.

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    I'd like to see them do more side scrollers

    If they made a good Metroid game and a good Castlevania: Symphony of the Night remake, I would buy whatever system I had to to play those games.
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