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    i would like a guess pass too please, can u pm me one if any kind soul wants to give

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    Hello, i would love to have a guest pass. A kind donator please pm me =)

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    ppl told me there are guest passes in boxes, any chance to get one on share for European region? ty:P

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    I'm in too if someone got a pass

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    I would like an EU guest pass if somebody can spare it.

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    If anyone got a spare guest pass please pm me.


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    I'm looking after a Guestpass at this very moment. I've been screwed oer by my retailer as they were unable to deliver my pre-ordered Collector's Edition and I really would like to play the game as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I am brand new to the Diablo games, never played before, and they look extremely interesting; gonna make me venture away from wow for the first time in a while. I think I'm going to pick up D3 but I won't be able to do so until next payday (hopefully there's some extra in there after filling the gas tank haha). Anyone able to send me a guest pass via PM so I can check this out? It would be greatly appreciated!

    Not sure if it makes a huge difference, but I am in North America.
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    Hi guys, I'm totally new to Blizzard games as well. I'd like to try this game out, is there any kind person out there that would lend me a Guest Pass (USA)?

    Thank you in advance

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    Would love a quest pass if anyone is kind enough, i will be playing the full game but no money till end of month. If you have one and would like to share we me private msg thanks x

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    i would really appreciate a guest pass ill get my copy in bout 2 weeks and i do intend to play actively and frequently

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    Anyone willing to give a guest pass? It would be greatly appreciated. I want to buy the game eventually but need to get the fiance into it so she'll let me :P
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    Would appreciate if somebody will share one spare guest pass for me thanks in advance! dyciuz at gmail dot com

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    I would really appreciate one.
    If someone could share one I would be quite thankful to him/her =P

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    Hey guys, i would really appreciate a guest pass. been playing d2 since ot was up. i couldnt afford the annual pass, and rly i would like to test it before i buy it. thanks.

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    Hi, I'd really appreciate a guest pass code. I am not sure if Diablo is for me and I'd really like to try it out before purchasing. If anyone can oblige they would have my eternal thanks!

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    I´ll keep it short... I dont have enough money to buy myself a copy in the next time, so if anyone has a spare guest pass (EU) that he/she doesn´t need, please PM me.

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    Hello everyone! If someone has a guest pass I would LOVE to get it from them! I would like to try this game out before purchasing it. If you have a code or link to go to please PM me
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    This is petty beyond belief.

    Why dont we start complaining about how M&Ms should be color coded while we're at it?
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    Well it's a good chance to try out the game and see if i want to buy it or not. If anyone is willing to send me an EU pass i would be grateful.
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    I would appreciate a guest pass pm me

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