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    I would love to have a quest pass, so if someone has a spare one. feel free to PM me!

    thanks in advance.


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    I want to buy this game I am unweary if my gforce 9400m will play the game at a bearable level, so if anyone could send me a guest pass that would be great. A pm would be nice, thanks.

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    Can I please get a spare guest pass from anyone?
    I really want a friend of mine to try the game, but my digital edition came with no guest passes.
    Please PM me if you can help.

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    if anyone has a EU guest pass to spare i would appreciate!

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    if some1 still has a spare guest pass, i would really appreciate it, pm me here
    thx in advance

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    I got exams this week and i told my folks that I won't buy Diablo 3 before they end. But that doesn't mean I can't play my monk 'till level 13 ^^ If anyone got an extra Guest Pass, I'll return it in 8 days. Thanks anticipated

    PS: I'm from EU if that's of any importance.
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    if any1 can spare me one would be awesome.. ty!

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    If there is a EU one I'd love to have one
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    Pls a kind person send me a guest pass,i realy want to play this game but i can't buy right now.

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    I've never played any of the Diablo games so would like to give it a try before I purchase it. I would really appreciate a guest pass from someone on here. Feel free to PM me the info or any questions you have. Thanks.

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    I would love the chance to take D3 for a spin before dropping my $60 on it. If anyone is feeling charitable enough to throw a guest pass my way I would be forever grateful.

    You can PM me or send it to my e-mail at insertmoniker47(at)


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    like many people ive never played any of the diablo games i would like to try this game before i buy it, Pst if you can help me out

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    I'd like one, if anyone has a spare. Amazon have done it again, not delivered a game on release day

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    I'd take a guest pass if someone is willing to give one out. Just PM me if you can. Thanks

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    Wouldn't mind receiving an EU guest pass. Not entirely sure if I'm willing to shell out the $60 yet so I'd rather try it out first.

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    Would love a guest pass. Toallhisdoom at gmail. com

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    Hey, I'm really looking for a key to this! I'm quite a poor student at the moment and can't afford any games anymore. Don't even really have money anymore to sub to wow.. If anybody could share a guest pass with me, I'd really appreciate it! I'm really looking out to this game.

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    If anyone has a spare guest pass, I'd love to try this out. PM me if you have one left thank you ^^
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    It would be a most beautiful act if someone could spare one more for me.

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    Would love to try the game out before buying it jrmcsweeney at gmail thanks appreciate

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