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    Hi can anyone PM me or email me at pippinkruger(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk a guest code please, i need to check if game is decent before i order tomorrow, thanks in advance! (Also if not in right section please move) x
    p.s. would luv you forwever :3 xxxx
    By the way from England so im guessing thats (EUR) !

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    Could anyone please spare one for a friend? He just hit some hard times and could really use the lift. Plus we'd like to play together but I did not get any passes Please help? For US by the way!
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    I would really appreciate EU guest pass.

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    Sigh...still need a pass

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    Hi, would like to hear if anyone has an EU guestpass they would like to give away?
    Would be much appreaciated

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    WTB Guess pass! PM please <3

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    I would like to have a quest pass if someone could give one, i would greatly appreciate it,:P

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    Could anyone please spare a US guest pass? PM or e-mail is fine if you don't mind, msh4168 at ymail dot com

    Thank you very much, I'd love you forever, I've never tried Diablo and just would like to try it and hopefully continue playing it.

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    I'd like one or two guestpasses... Thank you.

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    If anyone could spare a US guest pass that would be awesome. Don't have the money to spare at the moment but I'm dying to play. tony(dot)ribble(at)gmail(dot)com

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    If anyone could PM me a EU one I would be insanely thankful.

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    If anyone has a spare US guest pass it would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would like one guest key for EU too if someone have free PM-me

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    I would really appreciate if someone could spare a eu guest pass please
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    Looking for EU guest pass if anyone has? Only thing i can offer in return is an invite to IPTorrents

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    im looking to try this game before I buy it as i have never played the previous diablo games if anyone has a spare key i would greatly appreciate it you can either pm me or email vic_420(at) ty in advance

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    Also looking for EU guest pass. would be greatly appreciated.


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    Also looking for EU guest pass. would be greatly appreciated.

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    Also looking for US guest pass. would be awesome. ydamin(at)gmail(dot)com

    thanks a lot!

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