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    Today is my Birthday. and ill i want is a guest pass would anyone be so kind as to help me out. i am kind of on the fence about buying the game and kinda wana try it out first.

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    Looking for a EU guest pass, please message!

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    EDIT: got one, thank you kind sir!
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    Still looking for an EU guest pass. Any kind soul out there?

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    I would truly appreciate a US guest pass if anyone can spare one. I'm interested in the game but given that I've never played a Diablo title before, I'd really like to try it out before I buy it. If you can PM me, that would be excellent.

    Thank you!

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    Looking for an EU guest pass
    pcostia at gmail

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    Looking for a US guest pass
    jshawnray at hotmail com


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    Looking for a US guestpass please!

    Malivist at gmail

    Would be MUCH appreciated, thanks!

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    I am looking for an EU Guest Pass
    ihsansslave001 at yahoo com

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    I would love a US guest pass if anybody could spare me one. I never played Diablo before and I really want to try the game out before I buy. Thanks

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    Someone plz send me a guest pass!! PM me or email to jaerr89 (at)
    Thank you!

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    Someone hook me up with a US guest pass please
    detrasix (at)
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    Serious props to the user for hooking me up with a guest pass (I don't wanna say his name so he doesn't get bombed with requests). Even on page 63, guest passes can still be had.
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    would love to get a US guest pass. i'll get this game after i take care of some bills pm if u can plz. Thanks!

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    I'm looking for a US guest pass if anyone is kind enough to give me one, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    i hope i can get into diablo 3 as soon as possible..

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    lookin for a guest pass thanx in advance for the consideration

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    joining the fray in hoping for a generous soul to bestow a guest pass upon me. mobile broadband is currently my primary source of internet so i don't dare drop $60 until i can make sure it a) will work; and b) won't result in too much data overage.

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    I would really appreciate if someone could give me a guest pass! Send me a PM if you're willing to help me out. Please and thank you! =3

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    I'd really appreciate if someone can lend me a guest pass

    Thank you!!!

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