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    pm me if anyone has a spare pass would love it, getting diablo in 10 days when i get money so pass is great for me

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    I am looking for a guest pass, if any1 has a space one, please PM me :-)

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    Would love to get a pass until the end of the month, will give it back once i have it. Please PM me. Would love you forever <3

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    2 passes to give away. PM me if you want one.

    Edit... OMG that was fast. Sorry no more here.
    Last edited by Matsushita; 2012-05-15 at 10:14 AM.

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    Please give me one !!! I cant PM you ...

    mail_sev() or PM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matsushita View Post
    2 passes to give away. PM me if you want one.

    I want one, please

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    Please send me a pass, i cannot pm yet

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    I can exchange your guest pass for torchlight 2 beta access. Let me know if you're interested.

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    We ned spam 10 masege. When we have a chanсe...

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    Hey! This is a good idea! I totally forgot about the guest passes!

    Hard to see people with extra guest passes, unless all their friends have the game as well but If anyone does have one and doesn't mind... I'd take one!

    You're not in-game right now! ARE YOU CRAZY?! =P

    Thank you!

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    I am after a key also. I have mine on order but been told 2 days if sombody gives me a key i will send them a guest key back when mine drops through the door.


    Waiting in hope......

    andrewthorpe3528 'AT'

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    Hello. I would like to have one guest pass key Please can someone send me one, i would really like to test diablo 3 ^^. Thanks! My email adress is Huike89()

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    Thanks, Matsushita!

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    Need guest pass. Please !!!

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    I need guest pass as well...Can anyone PM me?

    I'll be happy

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    I would really appreciate a guess pass please if someone could be kind enough to spare me one. Many thanks.

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    I would love one pass if someone would be so kind, im planing to buy the game later this month

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    Would love one as well to see whats all the talk about and test the game, i totally missed the hype

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    CJS-CD Keys are selling guest passes for around 3€ each. I doubt there's any hope in forums since those who own a guest pass are probably playing :P

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    I would like to have a guest pass, please ... I will edit this post if I have one.

    Thanks in advance

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