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    Guardian Damage

    Can anyone please tell me how to do good damage on a guardian (given the lv80 pvp armor and what not).

    Every weapon combo + armor set up I try feels like garbage compared to any of the other classes I have played. Is it really just that guardians are designed to give more support? Or is there some damage set up that I am not finding?

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    There's a thread for each profession to discuss topics in.

    To answer your question though I was able to stand toe-to-toe with a warrior using all signets. I had him in the downed state just a second before he had me in the downed state.

    I stood a good chance against my thief friend too, but every time we both started to get low someone from his team would come help him.

    The damage is a little bit lower, but you get more heals. Also with the valor trait line you can get extra crit chance based on your toughness, so you end up getting hit for less and gaining crit chance at the same time.

    I used a spec like this;fap...daa;Zaba;YRSiZ and I enjoyed it a lot more than a spirit weapon based spec.
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    Please keep all guardian discussion and questions to the class thread.

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