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    Papaganoosh's Dual Axe Crit Build for Warriors in SPvP

    A nice burst build for Warrior with accompanying play plan.


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    The warrior thread is three posts below this one. Three.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agile Emily View Post
    The warrior thread is three posts below this one. Three.
    But he went through all the effort of creating an account just to make one whole post advertising his website. He doesn't deserve to mingle with us common folk in the megathreads. He needs his own thread.

    Here's what I predict his guide will be though:

    Here's a build: Stack precision, get a bunch of signets and frenzy, get appropriate traits for axes, crits, and adrenaline.

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    With a quick skim and no knowledge of how warrior works, that's what it looks like.

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    Please keep all warrior discussion to the primary thread.


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