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    Help me improve my Warlock

    Ok so after not playing my lock since the start of Cata I have recently gone back to him, I always used to be Destruction but have been trying out Demonology the last few days, I am unsure about what stats to reforge, some places say mastery over haste others say haste over mastery. I think from looking at various websites I have much too much haste and not enough mastery? ... and yes, I am trying very hard to get a new head piece!!!

    Any help or advice would be much appreciated!

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    Destruction Guide

    Demonology Guide

    Affliction Guide

    Please direct your view to these threads which are 3 of the stickies on this warlock forum. The information provided in them is the same information that anyone on these boards will give you untill you have more specific questions.

    When the time arises that you have more specific questions direct your questions to the helpful and knowledgeable Warlocks in the

    [Help Me!] The "Fix My DPS" Thread

    Be sure to read the first post in that thread before posting your questions.

    Have a nice day.

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