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    Insert "ball to the face" joke here.


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    Shame you can't have space in the char names, i would have named my monk Cliché el stereotype based on these armor sets.

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    Monk set confirms this game is now a joke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moveth View Post
    Im pretty excited about the Monk Tier. I think they did a really good job on it, to be honest.
    Nice anal beads blizz.

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    If at any point you see beads and think "Anal" you watch way to much pornography my friend. The monk tier loooks cool, just wish it looked more like thrall in cata or the promo art for monk in Diablo 3.

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    Monk T14 look absolutely awesome. Love the style!

    Lulz at the bro-dawg-homie thing. Obvioulsy placeholders though, and it is funny so many people here can't tell what's for real and what is placeholders.

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    Link to female human Warrior tier 14 is a picture of the Challenge mode set for warriors (on a female human).

    I'm underwhelmed by most of the sets. The ideas behind them are decent enough, but I don't personally believe that giant shoulders make up for lackluster sets.

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    I actually like the gear design. It's appropriately thematic and looks nice, in my opinion. What I cannot get used to is the hyper-obese pandaren body design. I'm glad a lot of people are happy with the pandarens, because I want MoP to be a big success, but for me, personally, I would not play a pandaren. I will definitely play a monk though!

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    i thought monk t14 looked horrible at first but after seeing it on a male panda it looks awesome

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    The current system works fine and we'd rather not monkey with it unless we have a system that we are certain will be an improvement.
    Oh, if only they actually would do this, I'd still be playing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clevername View Post
    Nice anal beads blizz.
    Love the logic here. An armorset is not what you want it tol be and all of a sudden the entire expansion is a joke. xD
    Quote Originally Posted by Mexa View Post
    What do you call the sound the microwave does when it's done cooking? A ding. Granted, the sound you get when gaining a level is more like Brrrrrwwwwhing, but we call that a ding too.
    Of course I guess you could say: "Hey, chaps! I just gained an experience level"
    Whereas someone in your group would go "Congratulations!" To which you would reply: "I am laughing out loud", and you would have merry-good times, but the time gap between pulling packs in dungeons would increase radically.

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    I like the Monk tier, I just wish it had the nice belts from the Pandaren starting zone instead of the chunky belts we've been dealing with since WotLK. Oh well, that's what transmog is for, yeah?

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    Monk tier 14 = Raiden from Mortal Kombat.

    Pretty badass

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    Just a heads up to a mod, the warrior link to t14 takes you to the warrior challenge mode set

    OT: nice monk set

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sabence View Post
    Just a heads up to a mod, the warrior link to t14 takes you to the warrior challenge mode set
    Thankfully no one noticed because everyone is playing D3! I fixed it though, eventually they will have to stop playing.

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    Oh blizz you lovable rascal.

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    The monk set confirms my decision to make my monk a male Pandaren. The male Pandaren looks fantastic, the female Pandaren... not so much (I mean in the gear, I have nothing against the lady Pandas!).

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    They cover up the beautiful pandaren model with that ugly piece of tier... Good job, Blizzard...

    Just in case some wisecrack thinks to report this post (as before): this is not a troll post.

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    World of Shouldercraft stikes again!...

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