View Poll Results: Which class is your main

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  • Barbarian

    331 23.54%
  • Demon Hunter

    321 22.83%
  • Monk

    261 18.56%
  • Witch Doctor

    220 15.65%
  • Wizard

    273 19.42%
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    Warrior in wow, Barbarian in d3 - and loving it :>

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    The Lightbringer Auxis's Avatar
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    Witch Doctor was my first class, completed Act 1, then I raised my Monk. He's currently up to the Moon Clan den after clearing the Cathedral.
    Gonna start working on a Sorceror/Wizard/<w/e its called> next, and keep them all at around the same level (I'm going to make sure they all get to like Act 2 before I start Act 3, etc.).
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    My main is a Wizard who is currently lvl 25 and just starting Act 3. My no2 is a lvl 10 Demon Hunter.
    Rest i have made and taken to Tristram, but won't play properly for some time.

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    Witch Doctor for life!!!

    Warender - Orc Enhancement Shaman - Mal'Ganis US

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    Wizard all the way.

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    Don't have a "main" yet but my monk is farthest along so I'll prolly continue with him for now. Most likely play demon hunter as primary "alt" to compare ranged with melee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aydinx2 View Post
    Monk, because russian with short hair.
    I was severely tempted to roll a female monk because of the promo art :P

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    I get to start the game on friday but I'm sure to make a monk (played one during beta).
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    Level 23 Wizard.. For now

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    Doing fkng dailies around pandaland
    lvl 14ish barbarian, going to roll a monk after =D

    Thanks Shy for this great sig !

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    Monk. Lvl 18. Working atm. damn))
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    Interesting how the poll is going, seems to be quite equal but our Witch Doctor friend is falling behind

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    Barbarian, I'm a face smashing kinda person when it comes to my class selection in video games. =)

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    51 Demon Hunter xD

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    I was really expecting 1 class to dominate the others, it's been pretty balanced though so far! I'm a monk, fucking LOVE it. So many cool abilities, love the Russian accent, and he looks like Rasputin from Hellboy.

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    Wow, that class balance is rather ridiculous. Cept no one likes Witch Doctor apparently.

    Barbarian, just wrecking shit and watching the broken pieces, dismembered body parts and bone fragments fly everywhere is just so satisfying.

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    i always like playing the least played hero first hmmm seems like i was right from the poll and i dont see alot of witch doctors in public games almost never!

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    Demon hunter.

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    I've been leveling a DH and Wiz, going back and forth on which is "my main". I think my Wiz is going to pull ahead a bit, but I really enjoy both.

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    The poll is astonishingly close. Interesting!

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