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    (H) Myrmidon - US -Korgath- Recruiting for HM Dragon Soul and MoP.

    Recruiting for our Serious 10man Progression Raid team that raids Wed/Thu/Mon 9-12 ST (CST) and Second Group Raid that raids Sunday at 9-12 ST (CST)

    Raid Times
    Main Raid Times = Wed, Thu, Mon 9pm-12am,
    Second Raid Times = Sunday Sun 9-12
    Guild LFR = Tue 9:45pm start

    Main Raid - 5/8 HM
    Second Raid - 3/8 HM

    Main Raid:
    Healer - Holy Paladin - HIGH PRIORITY - with strong DPS OS
    Tank -
    DPS - Warlock - medium priority - with strong multi-spec capabilities

    2nd Group Raid
    Healer - Holy Paladin - HIGH PRIORITY, Restoration Shaman - HIGH PRIORITY
    Tank - Death Knight - HIGH PRIORITY, Feral Druid - HIGH PRIORITY
    DPS - Warlock - medium priority, Mage - HIGH PRIORITY

    Who are we?
    A collaboration of individuals from different guilds (from 1st server ranked to 40th) transferred summer of 2011, the core of which has been raiding together since summer or 2010. We maintain a relatively small raiding unit that is highly dedicated to pushing progression content at a competitive pace. We like to maintain an enjoyable yet disciplined raid atmosphere, that works productively together at overcoming challenges placed before us.

    Myrmidon has an exceptionally low turnover rate and acquisition rate with members, because we are extremely selective in who we bring into the fold. It is our goal to be the last guild an individual ever joins by ensuring it through an overly thorough screening process. We recruit the 'whole package', both attitude and ability. We like to ensure those who join us are going to be with us long term and stand on equal footing with other members. There is no weak link or carried individuals with us, because all raiders must continually earn their slots.

    We are about quality over quantity to the extreme, and therefor do not engage in mass recruitment, guild mergers, or package deals. Each member earns their place as an equal and valued contributing member of the team. All new members undergo a unique process that ensures social awareness of their standing within the collective. All new members know exactly where they stand with us, and where we stand with them to ensure the complete absence of doubt and instead inspire confidence and camaraderie.

    PS> Here's a shocker. As was pointed out to me recently, we're actually not a bunch of A-holes condescending to people with a giant massive pole up are butts. Instead we deal in blunt honesty and directness with an intolerance for bullsht. Be real and man up or GTFO.

    - DPS need to be able to consistently perform at levels over +45k sustained as a minimum. (our guys average 48-56k)
    - Healers need to be able to consistently perform at levels of over 17.5k Hps/Absorb and capable of bringing a comfortable and strong performance in 2 healer situations for which many HM's are required.
    - 3/8 H experience or better - we are looking for individuals ready to continue their DS Heroic progression
    - Be comfortable with raiding in a highly disciplined team oriented Ventless raid atmosphere, where self-reliance and pre-fight preparation are mandatory.
    - Able to maintain 100% Punctual Attendance, baring any rare emergencies.
    - All raiders must have a geared and capable offspec, as we are a 10man raid unit.

    How to Apply
    Contact Lovepony or Vuruna. In-game via tells or in-game mail to arrange a meeting, or join us online and fill out an app at: http://clickthelightwell.com

    Why You Want to Heal for Myrmidon:

    The healers in Myrmidon, both raids, are absolutely fantastic players. These are people you like to play the game with and raid alongside for their strong performances and team mentality. That is why I so rarely ever have to replace one! (I've only replaced 2 healer spots this entire expansion!)

    Remember, I'm a picky S.O.B. when it comes to who I keep. Bad performers or bad attitudes all get shipped out if they don't shape up.

    Since T11 I have left their responsibilities and organization to themselves, and as a result, they work out who is doing what in advance on each encounter. My involvement in the 'healing team' is minimal, because I put full faith in my healers to breakdown an encounter and decide who's best at handling what. As a result, it has proven to be an extremely effective methodology.

    They like the added responsibility and self governance, and more importantly, to actually handle each encounter to the best of their capability without some stinky Raid Leader telling them what to do and how to do it. I challenge them, they accept, and rise to said challenges each and every time.

    If you're a serious healer, then you darn well know your class and how to play it. You know in an instant at any moment without being told, what skill or ability you should use. I don't need to tell you that. You don't need anyone to tell you that. Aren't you tired of some schmo telling you how and what to do on each encounter? Wouldn't you rather be part of an actual TEAM that works together? That's how Myrmidon raids.

    So if a healing gig with Myrmidon is so great, and it's all this rah rah rah jaz, why am I recruiting one right? That's the real question isn't it?

    Two reasons. First, one of my healers schedules has been playing hell on his ability to make raid times, as we are sticklers about being on time. Second, because Holy Paladins are freaking OP and bring sick capabilities and options to hardmode progression. I wanna balance my line up. -Lovepony, Guild Master of <Myrmidon>
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    Carpe Diem! Don't wait, come on in and apply.

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    Bumping for recruitment's sake. Always on the lookout for exceptional players.

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    Bumping for progression

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    Still on the lookout for more. Read up.

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    Still on the lookout for more. Read up, folks.

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    Bump for recruiting! Still on the lookout

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