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    Armored Druids Form SUCKS!!!

    All that Money, Devs and Technology for this P**** of S***

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    Again, no shaman changes :/

    I liked the kitty armor, but moonkin's looks silly (well, the whole form looks silly. they should really re-do it).

    Minor Glyphs

    Glyph of Shadowy Friends (New) Your shadow form extends to your non-combat pets.

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    Trying to pimp the moonkin form is just embarrassing. Moonkin model looks like it was created as a school assignment by a drunk 12 year old back in 1995. In MS Paint.

    Blizz, if you are not ready to replace it, at least stop drawing attention to it by spending a lot of effort trying to pimp it.

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    Synapse Springs (New) Permanently attaches synapse springs to your gloves, allowing you to increase your highest primary statistic by 2,940 for 10 sec. The gloves can be activated every minute. Requires at least 550 skill in Engineering to use. 5 sec cast. Reagents: Ghost Iron Bolts.
    Would not this be stamina... for every single class and spec..

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    That uh crotch plate looks a bit silly....

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    hmm battletag support? So when in the beta we can chat with people in other blizz games?

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    Alliance forms look better But this crotch "armor" ...

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    Cheers for sh*tting all over DK tanks once again, time to quit this game i guess

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    If this build was added, why can't I see any of the armored druid forms in the game?

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    the brewfest stuff does make you wonder. will they really get this game live before the 20th of September
    i remember that they want atleast a 2 week gap between world events and the expansion/patch
    so that would be the 4th of September. thats only 15 weeks can they really get all the level 90 stuff tested with the summer around the corner aswell.
    don't get me wrong i hope they do but 4 September is still summer break here in some regions of the Netherlands. ow well it will be fun seeing the speculations begin.

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    *looks at armored owlkin models*

    ...I feel sorry for you.

    Originally Posted by MMO-Champion

    Why, Blizzard, why? Why couldn't you have kept the account limit but removed the server restriction, as was suggested at one point in time?
    Alayea - Enhance/Resto (Main) Lithala - BM Gekkani - Disc/Shadow
    Mathrie - Fury/Prot Mayae - Resto/Bal Elita - Frost/Blood
    Chrystie - Frost Draika - Combat Ioreth - Ret/Prot
    Vexbolt - Destro/Demo Yin - WW/MW Yolis - Vengeance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waterisbest View Post
    Great news! No Shaman changes! Yuppi!

    Shaman?? WoW has shamans? Someone should inform Blizzard of this spectacular breakthrough!!

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    haha, the bag error

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    Corpse explosion is back! Blizz if you take it away again I'll go mental.

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    Remember tha time in vanilla when 30 stamina was the ton of hp...

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    Oh, I love the new moonkin armor, though it is kind of strange that everything druid is getting armor, next it will be tree form armor, a stick with armor.. hmmm.

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