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    Quote Originally Posted by Horsiechu View Post
    It is 25 points and the 5 Classes one is even more. People who dont have 5+ chars on 2 faction will lose almost 100 achievement points if they don't spend money in faction change.
    They could ...lvl ? Your saying its those who have done this shouldnt have the achiev, because you dont want to do it..
    lvling 5 characters , on a different faction even, sounds time consuming and hard( hardly)...Kinda like an achievement to complete :-0
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    Quote Originally Posted by Golden Yak View Post
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    If you actualy cared about achievements you'd realize this one is easy. I could name 50 achievements currently in game that require more time then simply leveling an alt to max.

    Don't like it, don't do it.

    I'm not an achievement guy myself (my now main has 1.7K pts) but really?
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    I'd have the achievement today if it were unlocked.

    Heck, I'd have them all.

    It's no big thing.
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    What's the fuss exactly? And how on earth does this help on server imbalance, just because you level a char to max level doesn't mean you play it at all.

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    Why dear lordy are you complaining about this? Seriously?? People to play this game at its fullest, and for that they deserve some kind of reward. Some don't care about faction bias and will play either side and both if they want to.

    This is just so pointless a thread, people who want to play both horde and alliance, and thats all there is to it.

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    Well it's not that big of an issue for me. I'll level my Horde main to 90, get reasonably well geared and try out some of the new features, etc. Then I'll get my Alliance toon to level 90 and play it occasionally whilst mainly playing my Horde main.

    Just an easy 25 achievement points IMO for those people who already have an Alliance and a Horde 85.

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    I think the problem that some people are having with this change is a contradiction between maxing out one char and having several twink chars. Let me explain. Until now, people who were interested in doing achievements would usually spend most of their time on their main char. They like the feeling of having accomplished everything with this particular char. With the new changes in MoP, you will not have a maxed out char anymore but rather a maxed out account if you are aiming to accomplish everything. For me, this takes a big roleplaying aspect out of the game since i do not identify with my account but with my main char. He is the Conquerer of Worlds! Savior of Azeroth! Battlemaster! But he is not the one who maxed out every profession or leveled every class to 90... Just my two cents though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crableg View Post
    There is an achievement to kill 15 Turkeys in 1 minute ... and your complaining about this ?

    Why do people feel the need to find any reason to bitch about Blizzard.. can they never just do a good job ?
    Have to agree with this so much. This is an achievement and so if you don't like it, don't bother with it. Simple.

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    An achievement means you achieved something great or something alike. Achievements generally are meant to be a challenge, atleast in my opinion. I wouldn't mind Blizzard making an achievement for dinging all races to max lvl and all different classes.

    Does an achievement actually mean something when the majority of the WoW population has the achievement? If you just want to farm the achievement points then thats good for you, work for it then.

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    Came here thinking it was an achievement you had to pay for (switching pandaren back and forth) and I see this, stop making such a big deal, Leveling isn't even that hard.

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    Couple folks were strolling through some infraction farming. Got themselves banned but got one person infracted, which I can only assume was the goal.
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    Just start giving a damn about achievements already.. You think you have to achieve them because they exist.. But if you don't enjoy the achievements, don't do it.. So many people do stuff in games that they actually don't like or don't want to do, just because of a little popup window and +10 points.

    If you don't like alliance respectively horde, then you should not lvl up a character for that faction just because of this achievement. Really.. Don't do it.. Who gives a damn about if you have that achievement or not? - Exactly! Nobody but you.

    There is a difference between pure 10 points achievements and achievements that grant you a special title or mount etc, though.

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    Banning people is like banishing demons. Its not cruel, its just like saying we don't need you, good bye.

    which is also equal to

    LOL EPIC FAIL GT...O our forms

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    Quote Originally Posted by Horsiechu View Post

    The one of the worst ideas from a Expansion riddled with bad ideas.

    What is the next? Level all classes to 90? Level 50 chars to 90?

    Cross realm zoning and this are pathetic gimmicks aimed at fixing the hopelessly broken Server imbalance, Low pop and Dead Servers problems.

    Very stupid idea, what do you think?
    Honestly idk why this is a problem it's just 2 max level characters which isn't really a problem at all plus it is an achievement so it's not like you have to do it. As of now with leveling gear you can send cross faction and the new leveling gear they will add it will take no time at all as you can level a character to max now at like 3 days played time not sure why you are even making this post to cry about an achievement.

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    Remember when when achievements were actually for, you know, achieving something? If you don't want to roll and level a character to cap on the opposite faction, then you won't get a whopping 25 points.

    With account-wide achievements, this really isn't a big deal at all.
    Quote Originally Posted by Novakhoro View Post
    I recommend shoulder surgery immediately... there's no way you didn't fuck it up with how hard you just reached.

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    I think the OP is an idiot, that's what I think.

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    Hmmmmm all I have to say is that when I play...I have horde and ally. This ach will and is not a way to fix server imbalance. I have horde on one side to play with one group of people and ally on the other to play with another. It's an achievement...big deal. It's just like pet don't have to do it =]
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    I'm looking forward to the account wide achievements. Nice incentive to cross over to alliance (never got about level 20) and see the game from the other side.

    Off Topic: anyone else love seeing a post that is primarily complaining or a topic that doesn't offer any discussion only to find out OP has been banned? Not to mention that people are now even discussing the achievements here now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Horsiechu View Post
    It is 25 points and the 5 Classes one is even more. People who dont have 5+ chars on 2 faction will lose almost 100 achievement points if they don't spend money in faction change.
    Aaaand ?
    Because not having so ach points doesn't strike me as a huge issue. Not an issue at all.

    If you farm those points, that means you have time. Leveling a character isn't a problem then.
    If you don't, no problem.

    End of story. Oh and did anyone mentionned that those are optionnal and don't influence game balance whatsoever ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Horsiechu View Post
    Very stupid idea, what do you think?
    I think people will find anything they can to complain about.

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