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    Quote Originally Posted by david cavalheiro View Post
    into the ground
    to da ground

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    Don't know about Locks but I hope us hunters get our survivability buffs back : (.

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    for the 100th time , its bets , they are tinkering with numbers to maybe balance things out , keep calm and stop crying...

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    Quote Originally Posted by woly View Post
    How can you miss something you never had?
    Pretty much this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fallensaint View Post

    Read the actual tooltip and not just the short summary next time. Soul Harvest is being changed to regenerate shards, which it doesn't on the current build.
    ^This. IS . GREAT. NEWS!

    Now just get rid of per tick mana cost of our drains and Affliction might have a shot of being a decent spec.
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    Demo got nerfed?! It's the end of warlocks as we know them!

    Don't overreact.

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    isnt it obvious that they trying to make the mastery more appealing? if they increase the output of the mastery which affect multiple spells, it makes sense for them to reduce the output of the individual spells so that the overall change in dps is negligible.
    my only concern is that soul fire becomes weaker for destruction
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    Destro doesn't use Soul Fire any more, it uses Chaos Bolt instead. So nerfing the base damage of SF for Aff and Demo isn't going to negatively affect Destro.

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    Just tested last build 15699, Dark Apotheosis is still not reducing any damage. Who cares if the tooltip says 3.8% or 13.8%, it's not working.
    At least they fixed the freezing bug.
    Soloing as a warlock.

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    Ehh I disappointed.

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    I dunno why you guys think this is such a big nerf - sure, they nerfed most of the abilities themselves, but they buffed mastery by a ton to compensate. The end result is maybe a very slight nerf, but certainly less than 1% total dps.

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    Breaking news, warlocks nerfed! Again!

    It's like you never played warlock before. We're getting nerfed pretty much in every patch.
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    Unless they fix how stupidly life tap work atm and that affliction locks got among the worst selfhealing in the game (pvp-wise) I will put my lock on the shelf for the first xpac
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    Let's keep this on track. This has nothing to do with breasts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    Yeah - one wonders why that is so hard to comprehend.
    Probably because in countless other Betas stuff was nerfed and stayed nerfed. Think Blizz can't ship a totally gimped class out? Well I guess you don't remember Warlocks at the launch of WLK.

    This whole: "it's beta, relax" is total and utter bullshit. The more changes they make for the worse the less likely it is for things to get better. Besides everyone, their mom and their dog knows that once the major changes have happen Blizz does NOT NOT NOT go back, unless it's absolutely necessary and only after it's been shipped. (See soul link in WLK... actually WLK as whole is great example of what happens)
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    They "nerfed" Demo so badly because its damage was godlike beforehand. So technically this isn't nerfing... It's balancing.

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    Focus more on mechanics than numbers. Numbers can always be tweaked in patches. As GC said though, bad mechanics will not be fixed since that's Blizzard's "informed" decision.

    So if across the board we need a 10% boost, we'll get one. But if our rotation requires doing stupid/crazy things, then that will be what we are stuck with for a whole expansion. Explains why across Cata, warlock numbers dipped so badly.

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    It's still beta. Don't get hung up on damage nerfs and buffs between beta builds. That's where buffs and nerfs are supposed to happen.

    You can complain when the expansion goes live if warlocks are somehow weaker in 5.0.1 than they were in 4.3.3.

    In the meantime just supply construcive feedback on the beta forums after you've had a chance to test out the changes.
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    So what ?
    Don't you understand that they'll balance (nerf) it so T13H-MOP is the same as T13H-Cata ?
    Would you really like to be OP when patch comes live, and then get nerfed to hell for the rest of the Xpac ?
    I don't want that.

    So i'll happily get nerfed to hell on the beta, just so we don't nerfbat 2 weeks after live hits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziarre View Post
    It's beta. Numbers are going to get tweaked both ways, and often.
    ^what he said

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