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    Glorious / Vanguard and Exalted transmog sets

    Hi there im after some info on this set " Glorious ", It drops of any level 54 - 60 mob , the drops rates are claimed to be awfull , does any one know were is the best place to farm for this set .. its just a basic green BOE drop of mobs. been farming for about 3 days now and not one Glorious pice but have managed to collect some Vanguard and Exalted sets but really want Glorious

    Ive brought of AH 2 pieces so far chest and belt so really want legs and shoulder and hands .

    Any information would be appriciated

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    very hard to farm these but AQ20 and AQ40 is where you want to try, i myself have the shoulders and been trying every week for more.
    there is the jade and lofty sets which also have the plate bikini look and are much more easy to farm, as for the vanguard set there is a perfect copy of the chest you can get with a old quest just read comments on the item on wowhead.com and there will be some good tips (just make sure you check the dates on those tips)
    and wowroleplaygear.com is a fun site as well! Good luck with your hunt for rare greens =)

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    Do you remember were your shoulders droped for you ...??

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    I have the full set at the moment but it all came from the AH besides the chest, I got the chest by farming the trash in AQ20.

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    Well some one mentioned that since cata released mobs levels were changed and no one seems to know were the legs really can drop from and people who have had then have been lucky to have them world drop , as im prepaired to farm i need to know what mobs drop these ... atm im farming Twilight Geolords.. im killing all the twilights in silithus but 5 days and got templar set some vanguard , and some others but only thing ive had drop in the Glorious Chest plate from Alcaz island and ive been farming the rabid bears in winterspring and killing hundredsand almost no greens are droping there

    If Any one know any were else ive been told AQ20 + 40 doesnt drop the legs

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    Best places for Glorious
    Glorious Breastplate (ilvl 61): Level 61 Mobs in Kalimdor (Ahn'Qiraj and Alcaz Island)
    Glorious Headdress (ilvl 59): Level 59 Mobs in Kalimdor (Ahn'Qiraj, Alcaz Island, and Winterspring)
    Glorious Legplates (ilvl 58): Level 58 Mobs in Kalimdor (None exist)
    Glorious Gauntlets (ilvl 56) and Glorious Sabatons (ilvl 56): Level 56 Mobs in Kalimdor (None exist reliably)
    Glorious Belt (ilvl 55) and Glorious Bindings (ilvl 55): Level 55 Mobs in Kalimdor (Sithilus, Un'Goro, Ahn'Qiraj, Winterspring)

    The most important thing is that you are killing mobs that are the same level as the item you want. If you are killing a level 55 to get a ilvl 56 piece (or level 54 piece), the chance drops by half. If you're killing a level 55 to get a ilvl 58 piece, the chance is nearly 1/8 of normal.

    Obviously, the issue in this case becomes that there are no level 56-58 mobs in Kalimdor anymore. The best bet for the Legplates is to use level 59 mobs and just suffer through the reduced droprate. In this case, that means the 59-60 Rabid bears in Winterspring are actually the best bet. You can kill the 59-61 Hydras on Alcaz Island and get it there instead, but there will be much fewer level 59 mobs to kill and the respawns are worse.

    I've cross-posted this to WoWHead just in case others need the information.

    Quote Originally Posted by Darkmesiah View Post
    If Any one know any were else ive been told AQ20 + 40 doesnt drop the legs
    It is possible for them to drop from the level 55 scarab mobs in AQ20, but by "possible", I mean you'd be better off entering the lottery (ok, it isn't that bad, but it is close).
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    Thank you so much for that information I did put a ticket in to ask if they could inform me about the issue of there being no lvl 58 mobs and what area or mobs now have a drop chance on the legs but was told sorry that would be a hint and would give u an unfair advantage lol .

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