My friends and i are having a discussion about which weapon a Monk tank should go for.
Our friend has a tank build and he dont really have any problems staying alive at all. He refuses to realise that suffering a little bit of defense in return for 600-800 dps is a good thing. The reason he doesn't want to change weapons is due to the fact that he thinks losing 2% dodge and gaining that amount of dps isn't a good thing. We keep trying to convince him that we will get nowhere if we don't do any damage, and he sees the way we play as too much of a WoW style system where the tank isn't supposed to do any damage. When we are 4 people, every one of us obviously need to be able to do some damage.

My friend and i would without a doubt go for weapon 2, since gaining 600-800 dps would be much better than keeping the 2% dodge and the small amount of HP. A good offense is also a good defense.

Here is the weapons:

Weapon 1.

193.2 Dmg per sec.
85- 191 damage
1.40 attacks per second
+36-77 lightning damage
+96 strength
+101 dexterity
+62 intelligence
+21 vitality

Weapon 2.

265.8 dmg per sec.
143-300 damage
1.20 attacks per sec.
+50-128 fire damage
+49 dexterity
+70 intelligence