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    Hahahaha, "3 2 1 fight!" Loving it!

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    Not that big a fan of the male Pandaren voice :/

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    Pandaren males sound like they were once adventurers, but took an arrow to the knee...

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    Killing bosses in D3 is not like killing bosses in WoW. Champion packs and rares are harder than the bosses.

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    Not sure why anyone is impressed by these boss kills. Me and my buds are clearing Hell right now and one shotting the bosses since they're only buffed up forms of normal we know the fights. Now the random elites are a different story. When some arcane enchanted molten teleport guy who happens to be ranged gets you in a small room or hall way you'll be zerging in no time.

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    I'm gonna sound stupid but I havent been keeping up. Scenarios are like instances with objectives, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wanax View Post
    I'm gonna sound stupid but I havent been keeping up. Scenarios are like instances with objectives, right?
    That, and they're designed to not need tanks and healers--so queue times should be shorter.
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    Daily Blink was funny ^^
    Also the Theramore event looks good.

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    That bag error lol.

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    The sounds would of been good if they matched the emote animations...

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    haha, he broke the 4th wall!!

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    I started chuckling about 5 seconds in. By the time it got to the drawn out bag error, my face was hurting. I love the voice and the personality and I can't believe how expressive the pandaren face is. I can't wait to see the other races get updated and I really hope they redo their voices too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stixxz View Post
    The sounds would of been good if they matched the emote animations...
    The animations would of been good if they matched the character.
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    They should not be recognized for any kind of world first. They corpse chain their way to bosses and have other people farm the gear for them. It's not "elite gaming" its cheesing a game thats supposed to be hard, and dont even get me started on how they exploit the res system to be able to beat the bosses. I find it deplorable that their videos are even posted on here with the way they are getting these "world firsts".

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    The male pandaren voice is unbelievably bad. It actually sounds like a caucasian person doing a bad impression of an asian accent - whoever is responsible for this ought to be utterly ashamed.

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    I'm not too keen on how the Theramore scenario is shaping up. The Alliance really does not need to be made into the eternal victim by having yet another iconic settlement destroyed. Surely we already have enough reason to go all out on the Horde? Or are the developers overlooking the full extent and implications of the siege of Gilneas - a kingdom that was neutral at the time it was assaulted? I feel as if the storyline between the Horde and Alliance is becoming increasingly contrived and past lore is having little to no acknowledgement. A real shame and disappointment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duskmane View Post
    That bag error lol.
    I was in tears. I might have to turn those back on just to hear it once in awhile.

    The voice reminds me of Uncle Iroh from Avatar: TLA.
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    The pandaren voices sound awfull, don't tell me its Metzen voicing them again...

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    Sorry, but I think it's kinda silly posting Diablo III boss kills from a WOW guild. It's no where near the same thing as a WOW boss kill

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    I realized just now that I really could care less about PvE achievement firsts, especially in Diablo where the goal is really to explore dungeons more than anything. So a handful of guys who get sponsored and play Diablo 24/7, and did everything on beta/PTR already, killed a boss in game once it went live? So what.

    Shame on MMO-Champion for promoting this type of attitude. How about we just enjoy the art of the game on our own for once.

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