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    Fun time waster sites?

    Have any fun time wasting sites you like to go to to keep you entertained?

    I generally play around with, but I am looking for others to have fun with.

    Oh and can't forget!
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    reddit has taken my soul

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    You are welcome, just reverse and press again if its not entertaining

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    I heard there is this one website......mmo-champion or something like that.... Anyway I always liked the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button at Google, then the typical game sites, miniclip pogo and the such.

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    Those two are pretty cool you know

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    Just be warned, there is no bottom. You just keep going further in...

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    Ok so this seems open end , as in no bottom too which this can go , but then again people will have differences and problems with some choices. But any ways I personally have a website , N***** , that I do love to read. I do not wish to be infracted and I hope I am not , because this question was quite broad...

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    Classic lolcats is classic

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    lolss, I dont know any of them

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    Cleverbot and Akinator are both pretty good time wasters, and lets not forget

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powerogue View Post
    Just be warned, there is no bottom. You just keep going further in...
    tvtropes is less of a "fun time waster" are more of a "where did the last 9 hours go?" kind of site for me...

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    so simple, but look at all the fun he's having.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digglett View Post
    Ha I was coming here to link just that. Or cleverbot, but both have been mentioned allready

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    Deleted can be fun sometimes =P The threads will derail fairly quick but it's good fun when they're "serious"

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    Lots of fun quizzes and little puzzles.
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