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    Quote Originally Posted by Brister View Post
    I am going on record to say that the next expansion (after MOP, Emerald Dream or what have you) will be released August 5th (a Tuesday) 2014!!!

    You heard it here first!!!
    I'll place my bets on 22nd July :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by phenom568 View Post
    Except that Brewfest starts on the 20th and him and just about everyone in this thread were saying it would happen before brewfest because of the item update. Me and many others judging by the poll thought brewfest was irrelevant and frankly it is. Many if not most will not hit max level before brewfest ends. Also correct me if I am wrong but is this the first time an expansion has been launched in the middle of a holliday? And how do they plan to handle the boss for the first 5 days. Will we just not be able to do him, which might anger those who only need this holiday, or will we be able to do him for 5 days and still get the upgraded loot.
    My thought is that the beginning of Brewfest will be centered around Chen and maybe some lead in quests during the pre-event, then after MOP releases, the remaining 11 days of Brewfest will be level 90 content. Leveling to 90 (or maybe even lower if they lower the level requirement) doesn't sound too bad to do in 11 days for most players. But I could be wrong...

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    So... I have a few minutes to clear the air a bit..... yes I was told at the end of the Aug that the "GOAL" was to release on Sept 25th and announce before July 25th, After they had an "All hands on Deck" meeting. I was starting to get nervous. I didn't know EXACTLY when the announcement was going to be made though and it was getting down to the wire. but over the last couple days with the tweets and meeting yesterday, it was clear that today was the day. I know some of you do not believe me and that's fine, I'm ok with that. I know that will happen when someone is willing to try to share what he can when he can in the fashion I did. But I tried to point out clues to narrow the search, like eliminating Nov/Dec completely by using REAL clues and logic each most of you saw regardless too. I'm truly sorry if I came across like a jerk at times I didn't mean to, it wasn't my intention. but text being what it is and me HAVING to be vague because of my promise it came out that way.

    I do want to leave you this, I know it's not much and it might not help. but it's something...

    Let it be clear to every reader that we should take anyone who is acting like a whistleblower with a huge grain of salt and a healthy dosis of skepsis.
    100% agree. Be skeptical of me and of you, We don't know ANYONE here from Adam. NO ONE here is beyond reproach. So one else said it well "The Internet is the ultimate anonymity". Am I REALLY a 36 year old married IT Manager from Ridgecrest CA with a 14 year daughter who works for a Naval IT contractor? dunno. "looks down... looks over to my daughter and stepsons.... " yep... Do I REALLY drive a 2010 Chevy Camaro SS Special Limited Transformers Edition "BumbleBee"? maybe. actually.. yes I do. :P
    I've made a couple claims about myself over time... One I can not prove to you as much as I'd like to due to reasons. I'll deal with that. I'm a big boy. I shared some of my personal life here. Is it true? you don't know, but you didn't believe my first claim so why would believe that it be true as well? I could be a 15 year old kid from Kansas City?
    But the last claim here.... My Car.... I decided.. I could try to prove this claim in a way.. If it helps substantiate the rest a little bit for some then great.. if not.. then oh well.. I am fine...

    Very humbly,

    PS... It's actually my wife's car.... She's the muscle car freak in the family. lol But I do drive it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Voyager View Post
    I'll place my bets on 22nd July :P
    I think this expansion will be stretched as they add more things to do at end game (pet battles, farm ville, rep for individual NPC's, possibly more in later patches)

    So Nov 4th, 2014.

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    You were mostly all wrong.
    Prot Warrior 2004-2008 Hunter 2008-????

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    As the release date has been officially announced, I think this thread has outlived its usefulness. Feel free to use the release date announcement thread for further discussion of this topic:!!!!!

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