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    Beta Demo question.

    Hi everyone! I've been playing on the beta for a while now and I've been lving as demo and while it was going nicely once I hit 89 and decided to go beat on a training dummy see figure out the rotation I noticed something alil strange. I can't really figure out when to use meta, right now I have just been poping it whenever I need to refresh Doom and letting it run (mostly) out and popping it again when it reaches max or I need to refresh Doom. Has anyone else found a better way to do it? Or and I missing something that is a better indication of when to use Meta? ty all in advance for what I'm sure will be good advice.

    Edit: Yes I have seen the post (I think it was GC but I'm not sure) saying that the idea is to pop it at full and drop out at around 500 but by the way it looks now I don't really see a reason to drop that early.
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    I figure to refresh doom, or if you're gonna max out at 1000
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    The post that said drop out around 500 was when fury gave more damage the more you had and it capped at 500, so you always wanted to be above that.

    You want to be going into meta fairly often since Touch of Chaos refreshes corruption. Basically any time corruption is about to fall off pop meta to refresh it so corruption always has the bonus damage from meta rolling.
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