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    Best Demon Hunter Setups?

    What are some of the best demon hunter set ups, I haven't played to much so far (only in Act 2 in normal, and no it's not because im bad normal is quite easy I just haven't had much time to play and like exploring everything when I do play)

    I have experimented around and am currently level 25 using the set up
    Rapid Fire - Withering Fire 1
    Caultrops - Torturous Ground 2
    Smoke Screen - Displacement 3
    Strafe - Equilibrum 4
    Bola Shot - Volatile Explosive R
    Entangling Shot - Chain Gang L
    Cull of the Week P
    Steady Aim P

    The setups worked decently for me but that's not saying much since normal is quite easy, and I don't want to be practicing with a crappy set up and it not work during the harder difficulties and then have to re-learn a new one during those difficulties. I would rather just learn the set up im going to use now.

    I also plan on playing solo for your information maybe I may play with some groups, but I decided for my Demon Hunter I was going to try and get as far as I could solo and play the other classes with groups. So i'm trying for a more kiting and slowing type setup that gives me good mobility instead of just a flat out damage set up.

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    Used this setup:
    LM = Hungering Arrow - Puncturing Arrow
    RM = Chakram - Twin Chakrams
    1 = Rain of Vengeance - Stampede
    2 = Preparation - Battle Scars
    3 = Companion - Bat Companion
    4 = Smoke Screen - Lingering Fog

    Worked all the way through nightmare (even found nightmare easier than normal!)
    Smoke screen is just so damn powerful, since it gives you 5 seconds invulnerability for 3 times before preparation. Bat Companion gives you some good hatred regeneration when you have to move/flee.

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    I'm pretty much changing my playstyle every time I get a new skill/rune. Want to give them all a shot.

    One thing I've learned so far: I absolutely cannot live without Vault :P

    I didn't really like Withering Fire, I preferred to just use Chain Gang if I wanted a slow. Plus Caltrops handles that brilliantly. Twin Chakrams is absolutely the god of Hatred dumps for me so far, I use that and Multishot when they're really spread out. In tight quarters the Chakrams can get caught on walls so Elemental Arrow or Throw+Overpenetration are more effective, since they shoot in a nice straight line. Traps can be planted very strategically, I'm loving using them in doorways and so on. Plus you can mine an area and wait for Hate regen before pulling for maximum kapowage. For Hate generators, at the moment I'm using Entangling most of the time, with either Chain Gang (love that thing) or Shock Collar depending on how tightly they're grouped. When snares aren't useful I use Bola with Volatile. Hungering Arrow isn't really doing it for me at the moment, and Grenades are just horrifically clumsy.

    But I'm not in Inferno yet so I could be wrong about everything :P

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    This is what I use, and I'm nearly finished soloing Act II Inferno, including all the champion/elite mobs, so I can say it definitely works.

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    1 Smoke screen = your choice
    2 Companion = Bat until you have enough regen on gear.
    3 Prep. = Back up plan.
    4 Elemental Arrow = Nether.
    Left. Hunger = Devour
    Right. Caltrops with damage, Volley with stun, or Mark of death with hatred.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yurtoez View Post
    1 Smoke screen = your choice
    2 Companion = Bat until you have enough regen on gear.
    3 Prep. = Back up plan.
    4 Elemental Arrow = Nether.
    Left. Hunger = Devour
    Right. Caltrops with damage, Volley with stun, or Mark of death with hatred.
    whats volley? i use impale with stun

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    Quote Originally Posted by reyareya View Post
    whats volley? i use impale with stun
    I think he means multi-shot.

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    LMB: Bola with the stun rune
    RMB: Multishot with the reduced hatred cost
    1: Smokescreen with lingering fog
    2:Rapid Fire with Web Shot
    3: Companion with bat
    4: Preparation. Usually with punishment but I switch that out for Battle scar on bosses/tougher champions/rares.

    Multishot is insane for AoE everything goes down really fast with it and it covers a good amount of the screen. The bat and punishment complement this by increasing my hatred regen.

    Web shot and Bola are there for keeping enemies on distance and Smoke Screen for when they get too close.

    passives are Vengeance (Perfectionist when boss) Archery and Night Stalker.

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    So... Am I only the only one who likes to use Fan of Knives with the stun chance rune?

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    Quote Originally Posted by b0sanac View Post
    I think he means multi-shot.
    multi shot has a rune with stun?

    ---------- Post added 2012-05-21 at 02:07 PM ----------

    anyway, imo best passive combo to use is nightstalker + sharpshooter, i use archery as third one because im using a crossbow.

    archery adds 50% crit dmg, i have 270% extra crit dmg and with sharpshooter i crit ALOT, and with nightstalker i get to use smokescreen more often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuma View Post
    So... Am I only the only one who likes to use Fan of Knives with the stun chance rune?
    Anytime I find myself surrounded in inferno I find myself dead.

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    Hi, im a 35 Demon Hunter, i've just killed Skeleton King on nightmare together with a friend, and we have been leveling together since halfway through act 2. He acted as my tank on his barbarian.
    Before that i used the templar and it worked fine as tank.

    But now im going to level solo on my demon hunter, and im wondering if i'll have to change my build a bit, and maybe you can help me to get a proper follower.
    Current build: - Follower - (the templar one)

    I now know you can have other abilities on different keybinds so i'll take a look at the new possibilities when i get home anyway.
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    You guys should try out Elemental Arrow with Ball Lightning rune. This combined with Vengeance passive = almost limitless aoe.

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    Hungering arrow (Scatter shot). For Hatred regen and nice DPS.
    Elemetal arrow (Frozen arrow) For Elites/single target/slow
    Multishot (Fire at Will) For Hordes of minions
    Vault (Tumble) For surv and to kill those pesky treasure goblins!
    Smoke Screen (Lingering) Well, 3 sec immunity, no need to explain.
    Preparation (Battle Scars) For ultimate ownage while being immune ;-)
    Currently in Act 2 hell, 4700 DPS, 14k HP and just slaughtering everything. It almost doesnt matter what elites/champions you encounter, with Smoke screen and Prep they are dead before you run out of discipline. (Unless its extra Health/Shielding/Invulnerable minions...that one was just stupid.)
    Oh,and passives:
    15% dmg bow
    20% dmg to slowed (thats why Frozen arrow)
    20% dmg while noone in 10 yard (Boss fights)

    DH is extremely squishy, its glass cannon of Diablo, you get 3 hits from anything in >Hell, you are dead, but you also kill everything in 3 hits :-)

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    I use this setup:

    caltroops-Jagged spike
    Fan of knives-hail of knives
    Preparation-Battle scars
    Rain of vengeance-No runes
    Hungering Arrow-Devouring arrow
    Elemental arrow-Frost arrow

    Killed diablo on nightmare solo with this spec.

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    Builds kinda vary between group-runs and solo runs, as well as the occational boss setup.

    I'm currently 60 with 6k ish k damage, (13,5 with passive at max).

    LMB: Entangling Shot (Bonus Hatred)
    RMB: Impale (last rune)
    1: Caltrops (Jagged spikes)
    2: Vault (cheaper 2. vault)
    3: Sentry (guardian)
    4: Multishot (Broadside).

    Sharpshooter, Cull of the weak, Steady aim.

    It's a fine setup for allround fighting in Hell Act IV. For farming in Oasis, I usually just swap 3: sentry > Spike traps (lightning) and 2: Vault > Companion: Ferrets!

    For the occational Molten / Vortex / Fast packs (or other hard ones), a trapbomb can sometimes be very usefull. 5 Caltdrops on the spot, with 3 Lightning traps. Chop chop! (Doesn't always work though).
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    - I tend to think sentences faster than I can type, in replies, so often there is spelling and wording mistakes. Sorry.

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    This is my current setup. I'm in act 2 hell and find everything very easy so far. For large groups of enemies I just spam multishot. For single regular enemies I will usually just spam hungering arrow. I'm obviously kiting as needed to avoid damage. For harder stuff, I will generally kite around, using caltrops and impale impact stun while firing off arrows. Smoke screen and preparation are used as needed.

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    why do ppl kite with caltrops and such? if you have good gear with smoke screen and prep you can stand still and just kill stuff without kiting even in hell mode
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    I change Calltrops as required, usually For Marked for Death with Mortal Enemy... (Not so much now that i'm 60 and i get the MF/GF buff ...).

    Shadow Power with Gloom + Rapid Fire = Mini TankHealer :P

    Also, why do people choose Chakram with Twin Chakram instead of Rapid Fire... Is there any theorycraft behind this? If i'm not mistaken, Rapid Fire deals more Damage than Chakram.
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    I'm at level 60, with around 20k damage with my passive at max.

    I find these abilities to be the best for me on Inferno, and it's these abilities i used when i downed The Butcher:

    LMB: Bola - with increased explosion radius (Great for aoe'ing most packs of mobs)
    RMB: Impale - with 100% increased crit damage (Great for bursting down elite mobs)
    1: Caltrops - with 2 sec immobilize (Imo the best kiting trap, since you can easily gain more distance on most mobs)
    2: Vault - with reduced dicipline cost (A good "oh shit button" since it makes you invulnerable for the duration of the "jump")
    3: Marked for Death - with increased hatred generation on attack (Obviously, marked target takes more damage and attacks against it generates hatred)
    4: Smoke Screen - with increased duration (Invulnerability for the duration, and usable about 3-4 times in a row, and with the increased duration, it's great for getting out of areas with too much damage on the ground, or losing aggro from bosses or mobs that are getting too close)

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