Currently been stacking Vit on Hell difficulty in order to properly tank elites and act bosses. So far I've taken these skills to maintain HP

Revenge - Used with Provocation rune, when this procs it regens a lot of your HP and is mainly used to keep you up during bigger pulls
Whirlwind - Can be swapped out with WotB if you're not interested in AOE damage.
Frenzy - When used with Smite and a high attack speed %, this procs a stun regularly to keep your enemies under control (IE. can use Cleave if you prefer AOE)
Leap - Can be swapped with ground stomp/wrenching rune, this is used at the start of a pull or during boss fights for added mobility
War Cry - With invigorate Rune this provides much needed damage reduction and health regen for the whole party
Ignore Pain - A must have for any tank build. I use Iron Hide rune for added goodness.

So far in Act II during Hell and have found stacking Vit, Strength, Crit % and Atk % in that order to be most effective with this build. Thoughts?

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Passives: Brawler, Blood Thirst, Inspiring Presence. But I change these more than I do the skills, especially for boss encounters.