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    MOP - How will you spoil your monk?

    Hi, I am curious as to how others are planning ahead to their monk? What are you going to have prepared for him/her for the launch day, and maybe some tips for others on what to gather for a good start for their monk?

    I have gathered the following so far for my monk.

    Heirloom DPS Chest
    Heirloom DPS Shoulders
    Heirloom DPS Cloak
    Heirloom DPS Head
    2 Heirloom Maces
    (Am getting 2 heirloom trinkets DPS)

    Am gathering materials to level :

    And I have a Tabard of the Lightbringer to equip for level 80.

    Plus 100,000 gold.

    I hope this thread is in the right area, and lets share some good ideas
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    I'm not going to be leveling a monk to 90 until I get my DK and Rogue to 90 however, when I finally can be arsed in leveling one my monk is going to have:

    Heirloom DPS/Healer Chest
    Heirloom DPS/Healer Shoulders
    Heirloom Healer staff, 2 DPS maces
    Heirloom DPS/Healer Helm
    Heirloom DPS/Healer Cloak

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    Maybe not quite on topic but as I don't intend to make a Monk I am collecting stuff for my new Panda Shaman So far i have:

    Heirloom Shoulders and Chest for both Specs
    Ring and Trinket from Archeology
    Herbs to level her Alchemy asap
    Full set of Illusionary Bags
    Herbalism Bag
    Collection of various Transmog items
    As much gold as I can scrape together (I'm not good at saving)
    Several vanity pets

    I have still to get the stuff for leveling cooking, think I may run out of bag space

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    Oh, of course anyone that plan to make any class can post, sorry. Not only for monks hehe.

    I need to add bags to my list for sure.

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    Oh yeah, that reminds me. Need to check if I got all heirlooms now Other then heirlooms and bags (and a bank full of gold), I won't be preparing for a monk.

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    I'll lvl my monk the old way. Maybe send him 1k gold occasionally.

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    my monk is gonna be fully heirloomed out, i have the dps shoulders, helm, chest and cloak as well as dual 1h maces, i'll get the legs when my guild unlocks them, but i may be 90 by then anyways.

    i've also pre-skinned about 200+ of each type of leather for power levelling LW, will still have to level skinning the old fashioned way though.

    might make my monk my new main, but i'm liking the changes they've made to holy power enough to be seriously considering picking up my pally again, he has full secondary profs levelled (cooking, fishing, archaeology, first aid and super fast flying), so depending on further changes to the secondary professions (the skill books that have been datamined) i might be able to reroll monk without too much of an issue, although flying costs are gonna suck (as would having to level fishing and archeology again)

    i'm gonna be swinging back and forth between my monk and pally for a long time i think - with more account wide stuff, i might end up playing them both and gearing them both - depends what happens with my guild tbh.
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    Bags, heirloom gear, transmog sets, mountain of gold, planned out professions... Still trying to come up with a name for a pandaren female monk that isn't cliche', kvetchy, lame, or laughable.
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    Planning on making a Panderian Rogue. Got all the heirloom gear and swordsx2 with +25agility (or is it 15) chanted on them. Should be nice and fast. Going with skinning and leatherworking. Got an alt with skinning right now to make that process faster as well. But as others have said, this toon will come after my DK is ready for raiding and PVP.

    Edit: Not to mention that started zone is going to suck for the first week or so. But if you keep up with the crowd, enough people might be making tanks and healers that LFG could be very fast to level through
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    My monk will be a blood elf female, and I am rather exited. My old main was a rogue, and I am still a bit sad to let her go, but monks look to be alot of fun really.

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    Only thing my panda monk will need is Elixir of Giant Growth

    I'ma be a grizzly.
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    Tavia, just remember that pets will be account shared in Mists, so don't bother buying any that another of your toons already has (it wasn't clear if you are buying new pets, or ones you already have).

    As for myself, I will eventually level a Pandaeran Monk, but my Priest will be first, with probably some of my 85 alts coming well after, then new characters.

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    Belf male monk and pandaren female mage here... I'm going without heirlooms for fun, though I might grab one of the BOA guild tabards for guild rep. I have a full bank of mats ready to powerlevel JC to 500 on my monk (will be leveling mining the normal way), and I'm slowly working on racking up enough cloth to level tailoring on my mage (haven't decided on a second profession yet since I already have an enchanter).
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    Already stored in bank (in case if account wide mounts won't go live at launch):
    - Amani Dragonhawk
    - Corrupted Hippogryph

    Big Blizzard Bear (very rare in EU) for ground mount, but I'm hoping to buy some TCG ground mount by then. Just need to farm some gold for it.

    Also got full caster heirloom set, which is currently on my druid alt. I'll get other sets soon too with excess of justice points on my characters.
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    got full windwalker heirloom set. working on the BOA ring

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