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    Reinstalling Skyrim - which mods are worth a look?

    I'm currently in the process of reinstalling Skyrim. I've only played it once just after its release and it has undergone quite a number of improvements since then.

    Above all however, the mod community has really thrived.

    So in preparation for my second play-through, I was wondering what Mods might be worth checking out.

    Note: I'm not really looking for fundamental game-changers but rather Mods that improve Quality of Life, Visuals are maybe some of the more clunky mechanics.

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    The Crimson tide blood mod...that is if you are up for extra gore

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    Well besides getting the free high res dlc from Steam and all the fixes and tweaks for it, I'm currently using...

    1. SkyUI A more PC friendly UI.
    2. SKSE Lets SkyUI work.
    3. SMIM Prettifies stuff
    4. Sexy Boats v1 Pretty
    5. Sexy Riften v2 More Pretty
    6. Sexy Solitude v1 And Pretty
    7. Sexy Villages and Towns Hotness
    8. Sexy Whiterun v3 You guessed it
    9. Sexy Windhelm v2 Starting a trend here aren't I
    10. Sexy Winterhold College Geesh
    11. Expanded Winterhold Destruction Ruins Winterhold finally looks like it went through a disaster
    12. Realistic Lighting with Customization Suddenly the closets are dark.
    13. CLARALUX Adds lots of lights to those darker nights.
    14. Wolf Armor Remix Makes the Companion armor much cooler.
    15. Shield of Ysgramor Better looking shield.
    16. Prometheus Imperial Winter Heavy Armor Cool armor
    17. Imperial Legion Armor Retrofit Better looking stuff
    18. Glowing Ore Veins 300 Find ore where you never realized there was some
    19. KenMOD Lockpick Pro Got tired of breaking all those picks
    20. Crafting 300 Armoury of Tamriel Simply awesome
    21. Conan Swords By Crom thats sharp
    22. Cloaks of Skyrim I can finally run around naked in Whiterun pretending to be superman

    The mod I'm most looking forward too currently is Issgard.
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    Winter is coming cloaks of skyrim , Masters of death rise of the brotherhood replaces the dark brotherhood armor with something alot more appealing and somewhat sinister
    there are some decent custom followers now on nexus Calypso is nice and Bleedhan and of coarse of the the model changers like bellas ccbe curvy etc, war paint for all races the black tower armor is nice i try and keep the actually game close to vannila bar a few things
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