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    Quote Originally Posted by Army of Darkness View Post
    Hmmmmm so that's what Boub sounds like 0.o.
    Nope, Boubille is a french woman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nik View Post
    We should be focusing on the spell animations here, which don't differ race to race bar Roll and Rising Sun Kick. Tiger Palm is broken on Humans as you can see from the video but on other Races many other spells are broken.
    The animations on my female bloodelf monk are awesome (love the meditation one), in a human female are just mehhh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by good diu bro View Post
    Most likely for unique animations, since for example the effect for Wrath of Tarecgosa is exactly the same as for Temporal Lapse.
    Just like pokemon.
    except no pokemon moves are like that
    Isnt 10% of infinite still infinite?

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    Haha, this should be a interesting mini game.

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