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    Do mages of all races get the same animations?

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    pfft as if you care..
    love the momentum glyph

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    Diablo Inferno isn't cleared until you can clear all areas, all trash packs and elites and bosses, in hardcore - With all achievements earned. You do that, you are diablo god. Me personally I'm just starting hell mode normal not HC, but with work and other outside lifestyle things in the way I'm just pacing myself. Great game though!

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    Feel free to send me some feedback to my twitter or with what class you would want to see next!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tybudd33 View Post
    Have I missed the warriors animations?
    no, Monk, Mage, and Druid are up atm.
    DK, Hunter, Rogue, Warrior, Priest, Paladin, Shaman, and Warlock have not yet been posted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BatteredRose View Post
    They're greedy soulless monsters for not handing me everything for my 15 moneys a month!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riddickcz View Post
    I think You guys need to learn the difference between word "animation" and "spell effect".

    Came here to say this, there are no new animations, these are all spell FX god dammit...

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    For a moment there, unless I am mistaken the druids animation was starting with "Mages animation video"


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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Dungeon Requirements

    Challenge Modes require that you complete the instance and earn the Heroic difficulty achievement first.

    This means there will never be Uldaman or Stockades challenge modes

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    You clear Diablo 3 Inferno when you kill Diablo using no exploitations.

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    well i hope they improve some mage's visuals like frostjaw and inferno blast or even alter time,while frozen orb and nether tempest looks awesomes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Franz87 View Post
    well i hope they improve some mage's visuals like frostjaw and inferno blast or even alter time,while frozen orb and nether tempest looks awesomes!
    Actually, Frostjaw also stick a bunch of Icicles inside target's mouth, it's just that target dummies don't have a mouth.

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    Well, you "clear" inferno when you kill Diablo, but you don´t complete the game.

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    when the treant casted wrath, it sounded like a laser beam, kinda star wars.

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    I love that Typhoon doesn't look like you use Surf anymore ^^

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    I voted Other because Inferno is never cleared.

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    Inferno has been "cleared" when you kill Diablo if you're not interested in PvP. You can choose whether or not farming gear for whatever comes next is something you'd like to do.

    For PvP, you should probably just buy items off the AH and pursue gold farming options, which means you technically don't even need to kill anything but monsters that get you to level 60. Inferno is therefore "Clear" when you max your gear... no inferno required. That's kinda odd, eh?

    For world first group, inferno is clear when Diablo is killed BY THE WORLD FIRST GROUP! Ouch... the end!

    Regardless, the GAME ITSELF is not clear. Diablo has to be killed on Hardcore first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hotaro View Post
    Was kinda hoping to be wowed by the mage animations, but there nothing special. Flamestrike looks like its the same with just a circle ground texture added and our glyphs are made up of mostly polymorphs and nothing that alters our visual appearance or those of spells. Glyph of momentum looks okay but its not hard to turn your mouse to the direction you want to go in.
    Caster classes really need an update to there casting animations to add some variety into each race.
    I agree.. Warlocks are getting so much added in and changed, infact they even had some things changed in Cata, shadow priests have had stuff added and don't even get me started on boomkins... Its really unfortunate, and i'm hoping we get something a little more impressive on Pyroblast for example rather than just a lump of orange / red (whatever gamma you play on) flying at your target..

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    Pandaren Mounts revealed!!! Turtles!

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    I wonder what the reasoning is for completing HoF before you can do ToES (such a lovely name =P )... Oh well, doesn't matter to me, what must be done shall be done.

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    I'm just really disappointed how little ENH Shamans are getting. Two new cooldowns - that's it. There is literally nothing different about how we play 90% of the time then Wrath. We drop just searing rather then a whole set of totems, and we get the two new cooldowns. It feels boring. Viciously boring. I'm just glad during Wrath and Cata I've leveled up 6 other toons, and the new shared mounts/pets/achieves, because now my Shaman, where all my characters mounts/achieves/ect have been, can be put away if there isn't something new to her.

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