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    Nice sets. I guess I have an excuse for leveling my Warlock.

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    That Warlock armor... Loki anyone?

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    Finally an awesome armor set for Warlocks. Shit's hot son!!

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    Did the designers get higher salary or something? Cause this is amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kanegasi View Post
    That Warlock armor... Loki anyone?
    Maybe you haven't met Illidan?

    Looks far more like Illidan than Loki:

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    moar awesome nerfs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azahel View Post
    Ok, so the new lock gear is a cosplay of Illidan... WTB Night Elf warlocks!
    Seriously, my thoughts exactly!

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    Nice looking armor all round.

    Just a note the hunter armor, looks so much better when the actual helm is shown, but yeah you will see that soon enough I guess.

    Nice sets no doubt.

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    lol with true shot aura, why bother taming wolves or devilsaurs... oh well..

    and hunter's t14, helm less?

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    Druid Tier gear looks more like PvP gear to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by greyghost View Post
    Each time I see Holy Paladin changes, it just cements the fact that all the holy paladins in my guild are going to re-roll to mistweaver monks.

    Which, well, I suppose is inevitable. Death Knights coming out decimated the Rogue population. It was only a matter of time a class comes out to decimate the Paladin population.
    Maybe for once Holy Paladins wont start an expansion OP. Theres a new favouarte healer in town and his name is Monk.

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    here you guys go for the hunter armor WITH the helm...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shefu View Post
    Finally an awesome armor set for Warlocks. Shit's hot son!!
    Amazing how different taste we humans have, I would be embarrassed equipping that helm. The rest of the set was ok but nothing exciting.

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    Everyone has their different tastes, sure. But surely people have to agree that the quality and quantity of armor sets so far is a step up for most classes. I've been pretty impressed with alot of them. That druid set is pretty nice, and warlocks? They get to wear Illidan? I mean literally WEAR HIM? Wow... Between that and the Sha warlock tier, makes me want to level one as my new main.

    Till then, I'll settle for transmogging to the DK pvp tier coming out. Cause nightmare is badass.

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    Regarding the pets:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kanegasi View Post
    That Warlock armor... Loki anyone?
    Illidan > Loki
    Frostwolf clan is best clan!
    Orc Shaman <3 - Pandaren Monk - Orc Warlock - Pandaren Warrior - Orc Hunter - Blood Elf Demon Hunter
    I want to roll a druid... still thinking about it since feral is 4 fite

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrahkenKahn View Post
    Regarding the pets:
    Hahaha... Nice.

    But I'd think the odds of having two similar looking cartoony dragons that are based on asian culture wouldn't be that low
    Quote Originally Posted by Tzzentch View Post
    honestly what happened in BC? it's like the 60's of WoW everything is in awful colours, shit doesn't make sense and i feel like i'm trippin bawls everytime i level an alt past 58...
    Shattarath is kinda pretty but outside is a technicolor nightmare that looks like someone tied horses to the contrast slider and fired a rifle

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    I'm so glad that Locks finally get an Illidan set. Also, that Druid tier....*drools*
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    That mount looks amazing and goes so well with new pally set. I just hope it will not be TCG or CE mount.

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    Those of you in favor of Adding warlocks to Night Elves, I already made a topic on the Blizzz forums about it, let's make it happen!

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