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    Please don't talk about Marvel's Loki near me. That thing's a disgrace to Norse mythology. This set is Illidan all the way.

    Also, DAT CAT

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    I'm not usually one to complain about Blizz class favoritism, but I mean.....that lock is so fucken awesome. I might just go ahead and play my lock and join the fotm, cuz seriously, locks are getting so much fucken awesome things, it's kind of ridiculous compared to the other classes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nos View Post
    Hahaha... Nice.

    But I'd think the odds of having two similar looking cartoony dragons that are based on asian culture wouldn't be that low
    Oh, I know, I know. I was just struck by how similar the red one was and was very much amused by the idea of putting them side by side.

    Also on an unrelated subject. For people speculating on where the tiger mount will be from, I'd guess from the Shado-Pan faction. They're closely aligned with the White Tiger celestial, and that logo on the mount's shoulder armor looks like the same symbol as when a Monk casts Legacy of the White Tiger. So maybe that's the White Tiger's logo?

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    Check out that warlock armor. Seems they're doing everything possible to make warlocks into demon hunters.

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    Warlock set looks amazing, but i think the druid one looks more like a shaman set.

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    Battletag requests in wow would be nice. I want to be able to friend people x-realm without them having my email (and potentially other info).

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    Quote Originally Posted by mvallas View Post
    I think we've just seen the collector's edition pet in one of those tiny dragons.
    The Sha looking one is a good bet for the CE pet I think. The other colored ones are likely the pets you have when you are training to get the mount, like the Wintersaber and the Venomhide. The clockwork one is made by engineers. I wonder if that means the CE mount in the game files is a Sha version of the new dragon mounts...

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    That warlock set almost makes up for what GC is doing to affliction.

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    Love that tiger mount

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    Love the new tiger mount but *faint* for the new Savage Roar glyph, finally!

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    OMG feral-themed druid armor?! First since the launch? Not another flowery-birdy-moosey restoration bullcrap? This can not be true... o.O

    ...wait.. i said "feral", but it's no longer a whole spec. And as it has a bear head it should have been called "guardian".

    PS: lol @ the warlock helm %) It's so big it's just funny. Reminds me of

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    Quote Originally Posted by FeralSynapse View Post
    Love the new tiger mount but *faint* for the new Savage Roar glyph, finally!
    Im afraid they will remove or nerf it. It does look like a mandatory glyph now %) And we all know how panically blizzard are afraid of "must have" things..

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    That tiger mount, holy sh*t.

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    Warlock set: Gonna look REAAALLLLL gooood on the lady toons :P

    Hunter set: WTF

    Druid set: Not bad... kinda tired of Blizzard's use of this "flat" colouring. What happened to wood texture, metal texture, shinyness, or gold?

    Tiger Mount: Bad. Ass.

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    Hunter set sucks, druid is not bad, not a big fan of having 2 different shoulder design though, maybe it would look better with a weapon on the back.

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    All i can say is thank god for transmog! Another hunter gear fail! Man is that ugly!

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    Seriously paladin heals all cost more mana? wtf...

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    Illidan really? Locks are getting to look like Illidan. I suppose it cant be nearly as bad as hunters.

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    what the fack is wrong with those helms, that hunter set looks nothing like a hunter set should look like

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    What?? Pounce does not require stealth anymore!

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