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    [H - Illidan - US] <RAIDING RAINBOWS> #55 8/8HM 25m Recruitment

    [H] <RAIDING RAINBOWS> [25Man] - [Illidan-US]

    RAID SCHEDULE: (Server Times / CST)
    Monday - Thurs 7:45 - 11:00
    Sunday 6:45 - 11:00
    Currently farming 8/8HM on Tuesdays, and do Firelands sales runs on Sundays.

    BWD / BoT / ToFW: 13/13HM – US #22
    Firelands: 7/7HM – US #19
    Dragon Soul: 8/8HM – US #55

    We also achieved US #20 Heroic Lich King kill, and ended WOTLK with a US #21, and World #71 ranking.

    We’re looking to maintain and improve our top rankings by adding a few more core players to our roster that share our goals. We want raiders that are 100% progression motivated, and excited to show up to raids to progress on a new fight. We expect all of our applicants to know their class inside and out, and any relevant content that we may be working on.

    We're not recruiting for the bench, and not looking for players that only show up certain nights. If we want to keep you, we're keeping you for the long haul.


    -- Tank --
    • Druid
    • Paladin
    • Warrior

    -- Heals --
    • Druid
    • Paladin
    • Priest

    -- DPS --
    • Rogue
    • Shaman
    • Warrior

    We are also recruiting any exceptional raiders that plan to reroll Monk in Mists of Pandaria!

    Even if your class is not listed as a priority, don’t let that discourage you from applying, because we do make exceptions for exceptional players, regardless of class or spec. Also keep in mind that most excellent players don't start out in top US raiding guilds. If you consider yourself to be one of the best players on your server, or in your guild, and can write a solid application, we are very likely to consider your trial.

    If all of this has piqued your interest, and you believe you can handle raiding in a top US guild, visit our website and fill out an application.

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    Still looking for more.

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    Reset is tomorrow.

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    Reset in just a few hours. Who else is ready to clear 8/8HM in a couple of hours?

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    Reset day is here

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    Who's ready to blow through DS in a couple of hours? This elf!

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    Do you like green tea? I likes green tea!

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    Last bump for the night. Goodnight everyone!

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    Good morning!

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    No more helm enchants in MOP!

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