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    World's Fastest Butcher Kill Inferno (Eyes Closed, Leet Skill Edition)
    Quote Originally Posted by Ano
    Stop being french, it's just shift-2.

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    Started a Diablo 3 walk through on youtube, having some trouble getting more footage cause of house work and its loud all the time

    feedback would be nice

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    In reply to Athene's 3 second Kill: /watch?v=bH7EHu5-A24
    Fastest kill in Diablo ;-)

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    Some instructional barbarian videos with useful tips:
    Act 1:
    Act 2:

    And one for playing a 2hand barbarian in Act 1 with good gear.

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    Diablo 3 Videos

    Diablo 3 Music Video:


    Diablo 3 The Best Player Of All Time!


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    nowhere important
    me VS the world in my latest D3 happy funtime

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    Hellloooo, my 2nd guide is up and running, it's a short auction house guide that will hopefully save you some gold while using the auction house while hopefully earning you some in the process! I'm going fully in-depth class guides as well as other Diablo 3 + other game playthoughs and guides. Hope it's helpful!

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    Please check out my attempt at a review!

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    In yer base, killing yer dudes

    My Diablo 3 Inferno tactics

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    A description of what should be done in written in the video.

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    Posting my video here instead of in a separate thread, as per moderator request. Sorry about any confusion!

    A video on my Monk DPS Dual Wield Dodge/Backlash build. Fast attack speed, ~65% dodge while over-activating aura, ~55%+ dodge while attacking. Good for quickly running content that you already have on farm status, but I wouldn't recommend it for the later acts unless you have even better gear than I do. I'm still using a tank spec for acts 2/3, which I'll post a video log of soon

    Use Cyclone Strike to interrupt attacks from champions and pull mobs in to proc more dodges into backlash. Keep Sweeping Wind up on big packs and elites, combined with backlash procs the damage can be very high, all while maintaining at least ~55%+ dodge, more if you have energy to spare on over-activating MoE (which you will).

    A link to this build:!YdU!ZaabcZ
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    Hey guys.

    I've been making a lot of videos on how to farm as a barbarian and people often ask me how I can afford all the gear that I use. I would often reply that I just farm a lot, but after some time I realized that some of the people having trouble don't have a good grasp on how to sell the items that they get.

    I make over 1 million per hour of farming, and sometimes hit the jackpot and get a really expensive piece. So the first part of this guide is the farming itself. The most profitable farming route, at least for me, is the Siegebreaker run. It takes me about 30 minutes and I get around 8 rares and several blues per run. The best loot in the game can drop from Siegebreaker, you don't need to move up to act 4. I have a video guide on where to start and which route to take, which you can check out here:

    Next you'll want to sell your stuff on the auction house. This may seem like an obvious step but a lot of people do it inefficiently and end up losing gold. For example they can vendor items that they should auction, or salvage things that they should vendor. Sometimes they'll put an item up and it doesn't sell, costing them an auction slot for 36 hours. I go through my entire process in this video, which will show you what sells, and how to price it.

    I hope this helps the people that are struggling to make gold. If you can't do the siegebreaker run just yet, check out my youtube channel for other farming routes you can take, but realize they are just stepping stones. Another option is to gold find and break pots in act 1, or farm resplendent chests in act 3. I have not included those in my videos since there are several others videos out there covering this and I didn't come up with the strategy on my own, so I won't take credit for it

    Good luck!

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    Killing Skeleton King on a Level 1

    ---------- Post added 2012-06-06 at 02:45 AM ----------

    The actual Solo

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    The Butcher Inferno Mode Enjoy

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    Full Act 2 Inferno Clear - Monk and Barb Tanks

    *sorry that the party voices are too loud in this video, I'll try to fix it next time!

    This is a video of our entire, unedited, full Act 2 Inferno clear from last night. We fight some of the lamest Sand Wasp packs imaginable, simultaneously... lol. Also, at some point, we find a GOD-LIKE Stormshield! It was a great run

    Here's the build I'm using in the video:!YXU!Zaabcc

    I don't really like Deadly Reach as a builder, but in later difficulties and multiplayer games, Keen Eye is hard to argue with; it gives an insane amount of armor and the range of Deadly Reach helps while kiting, which you will--unfortunately--have to do from time to time. Fists of Thunder w/ Lightning Flash is my preferred builder, but it's harder to use in 4 player games on certain packs.

    Monks and Barbarians have excellent synergy, which each giving the other what it needs most: Barbs give huge resists to Monks and Monks give Healing (or Dodge) to Barbs. Having two tanks also helps a great deal since they can more easily split packs to make them manageable.

    Our Demon Hunter does insane DPS (which is what they're there for :P) and our Witch Doctor does solid damage but, more importantly, contributes excellent crowd control and pack splitting.

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    Nightmare Demon Hunter LP with high quality mic and hd recording. The commentary is funny and interesting and I'm sure you will be quite entertained!

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    Monk Solo Diablo 3 Inferno. Not first kill though.

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    Rakanoth Inferno guide

    Hey guys. A few people have contacted me saying that their are stuck on Rakanoth Inferno and asked for a guide. This boss can be quite the gear check, but after messing around with it for an hour I came up with a strategy that I felt was quite effective.

    To emulate a lower gear level, and forestall comments that I was only able to do this because of my legendaries, I removed my helm of command, justice lantern, and string of ears and did the fight with empty slots instead.

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