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    Nice vids some amazing skills there!
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    My Belial Inferno solo kill, glad i killed him before the patch with my work schedule not having enough time. Enjoy

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    Belial on hardcore hell diff, might not be the most impressive but i'll get there.
    more vids inc once my new monk is 60 again

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    Woo shameless plugs! <3

    Most of my videos are achievement / event orientated

    etc! :3

    Theres quite a few up so there might be something you like ^_^'

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    Skeleton King

    Queen Araneae

    NOTE: All of them are inferno.
    I'm going to do some wizard videos soon.
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    My Act 1 Inferno Farm Guide

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    Really Entertaining LP with great commentary and hq mic/video c:
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    Siegebreaker as a DH in 1.0.3

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    Hey guys, I had posted a video earlier about my farm loop in Act 1 Inferno, where when I showed it I got a rather [email protected]#$ty amount of elites and I told you guys I would post an updated video when I got a good run. Well here you have it folks: 10, yes thats right. 10 elite packs , 1 treasure goblin, 1 resplendent chest. ALL on the Watch Tower Floor 2. I will also add the rest of the run once it finishes processing as its being ported from my twitch stream to youtube and for some reason is taking forever. So I appologize for the quality, I caught on my stream and not with fraps. All in all, same path/loops as before, but this time in total 20 elite packs, 1 goblin, 1 resplendent chest. Enjoy!

    On a side note I accidently started this run with my azmo farming setup, so had I changed a cpl skills it would have went alot smoother and faster. but didnt want to lose any stacks to switch my skills around.

    P.S. Sorry for the multiples videos, twitch vods cut into sections at 2 hours and these happen to go across the 2 hour mark, and also splits anything over 15 mins into multiple parts.

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    (Reposting here, since my thread was closed. :3)

    Just to add to the title, with less than 2 million gold worth of gear. I've soloed the entire game from start to finish. This includes making enough money to buy the necessary gear to progress and even various champion packs from all 4 Acts. I don't play for a whole lot everyday, so it did take me 16 days from hitting Level 60 to reach this point.

    I have been playing since launch, but I never made it past Act 2 Inferno until the nerf. The reason for this was that since I chose to play a Wizard first, I was able to go through the game with the super Force Armor and then they nerfed it as soon as I hit Act 3. I had absolutely no money left to support a new gear set. So, I decided to play around with other classes for awhile and eventually settled on a Barbarian. I made it midway through Act 2 this time around, and then 1.03 came in and prevented me from ever getting to try this in a harder mode.

    I don't know if this is much of an accomplishment, but it feels like something to me. If you have any questions about anything, I'll answer them as best as I can. (PM, on Youtube, or Diablofans)

    Description: All commentary was recorded directly after the kill. This was to prevent wasting any time between Izual and Diablo, should someone feel that I am lying about this being my very first attempt.
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    new video \o/ diablo hardcore hell

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    Diablo 3 in 20 seconds

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    Here are a couple Videos that should help people out in Inferno.
    Tank Build:

    Butcher Kill:

    Ghom Kill:

    Witch Doctor:

    Tank Build

    Demon Hunter:


    Butcher Kill

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    For all those Diablo 3 players looking to get some gold Check out this Contest from InternetKidzGaming giving away a total of 40MIL

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    How to Dual Box in Diablo 3

    I finally figured out how to dual box in diablo 3 after weeks after interwebz searching. I made a quick little video tutorial to show how to set it up. I know there is a video thread sticky but this not really a show off video but more of a informational video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GamerLCD View Post
    I finally figured out how to dual box in diablo 3 after weeks after interwebz searching. I made a quick little video tutorial to show how to set it up. I know there is a video thread sticky but this not really a show off video but more of a informational video.

    It's still a video and belongs in the sticky. You just said "This is a video about how to Dual Box", you didn't open up any sort of discussion so no, it does not deserve it's own thread.

    I agree - thread is merged with the Video-Thread now. ~Nye
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    Diablo 3 - Monk Tank (Dodge) - Act 3 Inferno Farming Guide - Solo Cydaea & Azmodan

    In addition to the guide portion, I also spend a lot of time talking about the state of the game / what I feel its problems are. Hopefully that's enjoyable to most of you, if not / you don't like the complaints, sorry

    So that's my Monk Dodge Tank build, the guide explains how to solo farm Act 3 Inferno with 5 stacks of Nephelem Valor and kill Cydaea and Azmodan.

    Here's the build I'm using:!UYX!ZZZbca

    Use the fastest attack speed weapon you can find (no less than 1.4 ideally) and get a piece or two of armor with Increased Attack Speed (the more the better!). Keep Sweeping Wind up on large packs / elite packs, combined with Backlash damage this spec can actually kill things fairly quickly while being a defensive tank build. In multi-player games, where you are solely a tank, swap Sweeping Wind for Breath of Heaven for extra survivability and healing or Cyclone Strike of extra control.
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    Cool 33k dps glass cannon clear

    (Demon Hunter) Over the past few days I streamed a game clear with 33K DPS as glass cannon (gear cost: 100K). Here's the compiled boss kills! There's also videos of the entire run uploaded, if you have 15 hours to waste

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