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    Quote Originally Posted by alturic View Post
    There's no difference between a totally free ad supported game, and any of the F2P games out there. I would actually say that the current F2P model would be better than having ads plastered all over a game.
    Games on smartphones use the ad system. This is how I imagine Sony would use it if they did. Example, PSN store has Angry Birds on it. Why would anyone buy Angry Birds on PSN when you can play it for free on you phone or PC? If Sony throws adds into the game they could then start making money off it it instead of spending money hosting it on their servers. IF Sony implements this feature it will be up to developers to use and probably only used on the download only casual games in the PSN store. I wouldn't mind watching a 30 sec ad in the middle of level in Trine if I could play it for free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alturic View Post
    People pay for cable/sat and see ads. What's the difference? Sure the cable/sat company is the middle-man (provider) but it's the same thing.
    or just watch bbc or channels which dont have ads mid-way through a tv show, film etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by guser View Post
    then.. the game with those kind of adds is free right? :')

    If yes, I would still be angry tbh. :P

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    Not going to buy a stupid soft drink can because of an ad through one of my video games, infact I would rage and refuse to ever buy it, and make sure my friends never buy it.
    Also would never buy another Sony console and game again, as much as it pains me, but it's saying money-making to the extreme, something we shouldn't have to see.
    I already pay 100$ per game, why should they make even more money off me for something that they don't put any effort into making anymore.
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    They may hold the patent, but whomever makes the final decision at Sony will know better than to ever allow this into one of their games if the customer has to pay for it. It might sneak it's way into a free game, where it's fine since the consumer doesn't have an upfront cost.

    If it ever went into a game that the custom has to pay for.... the firestorm that would rain down on Sony would possibly be the very last one that they ever experience. There wouldn't be need for anyone to call for a boycott as it would already be at the forefront of every players thoughts.
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    Master Chief, before you go and blow up that Covenant fortress, how would YOU like a refreshing Coca-cola! Drink Coca-cola! Now you may return to your regular scheduled alien slaughtering.

    Yeah, that won't fly well with the customer base.
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    I see after their PSN debacle, Sony has finally decided to completely abandon the idea of turning out profit and instead chose "running into the ground" to be their company's new business direction.
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    Now I know how sony is going to screw up Planetside 2.

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    I can't even describe how idiotic this idea is..

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    lol are you kidding me? I hardly watch TV anymore because of ads. I get sick of splash screens before the game loads.

    I have no motivation to go out and buy sony crap right now because I don't care about a PS3. If they have ads on their system and nintendo, microsoft doesn't without some other annoying shit, then sony is going to be in a world of pain.

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    I'm being plagued by ads wherever I go anyway so why not? I can't watch the golf on Sky Sports without ads every 5 minutes and you need to watch a 30 second ad before pretty much every video you watch on the internet, what fucking next? you actually PAY to watch ads, shit makes no sense. I don't have a PS3 anyway so not that bothered but won't be long before everyone starts doing this and when they do, I'll go back to hacking consoles and downloading games.

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    Ads on a console game? What a stupid idea. If they implement that, I am boycotting both Sony and the products that get advertised.
    I might as well play on my Wii again, or play exclusively on the PC. We all play to have fun, not to be bothered every 5-10 min with ads.

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    we don't buy games to watch ads, keep them on TV etc.

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    Are Sony's parents brother and sister?
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