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    Help our fire mage

    We had a fire mage join our progression run about 2 months ago and got him geared up relatively quickly. His dps then and now still feels like its on the low end and I've tried to help him as much as I could from reading elitist jerks, this forum, etc. He came to me after last weeks raid and said it'd be ok if we'd replace him. I'd prefer to help him improve as he seems to execute most fights well, just need to get his dps up. His armory and logs from a raid two weeks ago are below. I'd use last weeks, but we had a pug healer and a weird raid comp and it just didn't go well.


    He logged out in his PVP gear, but his spec/glyphs look ok based on what I've found. I've told him to reforge per the Fire guide on this site: Intellect = Hit >> Haste 2005 (1505 t13) > Crit >> Mastery >> Haste and I think he's generally done that.


    From what I'm seeing from the logs, the biggest issues seem to be he's hardcasting Pyroblast, Living Bomb uptime could be better and seems to use Scorch a lot. I know you use Scorch when moving to keep dpsing, but seems like it is used more than he should be especially when you can blink around. I'm not really sure how to evaluate his combustions, I know he says he uses Combustion Helper.

    Am I missing anything? Any other tips you can offer? I'm going to give him the link to this thread so he can follow along and comment.

    Feel free to comment on other members in the raid as well if you notice something they can improve.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Yeah this dude is doing a lot of things wrong. He's hardcasting pyro which is only EVER a good idea prepull or with a serious haste buff that brings fireball under 1 second cast time. He's hardcasting pyro more than fireball in some cases. Living Bomb uptime is weak. Too many scorches which leads me to believe he doesn't know where to position himself to minimize movement. His active time is pretty weak which means there is too much time during fight that he isn't doing damage. Not to sound rude, but I don't get the impression this guy knows how to dps very well. Not sure if he was a healer previously or what. He needs to prioritize his spells and always be casting. He needs to cast Flame Orb on CD>keep Living Bomb up>HS Pyro only(above exceptions notwithstanding)>then spam the shit out of fireball. Only scorch when movement is NECESSARY or Critical Mass(or equivalent) needs to be refreshed. I see a lock in raid so he shouldn't need to scorch for the buff.

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    Wrote most of this during down time of a raid thus over 3 hours of time, probably others already said this or parts of this

    Actually ...
    Intellect = Hit >> Haste 2005 (1505 t13) > Crit >> Haste >> >>Mastery

    On he ultraxion fight his LB uptime is on the low-side, not teribad, but low non the less.
    3 Combustions, 4 might be possible but on 4:25....
    Biggest problem on that fight is 45 scorches and 12 Fireblasts, Fireblasts should not be used period, exception Yor and perhaps Spine if he wants to boost his numbers by dotting the blobs. Scorch should only be used anytime to keep up the Crit mass debuff if need be or should be used to fill time to "perfect" the LB uptime casting FB > (1 sec left on LB) > Scorch > LB is regarded better than FB > FB (1 sec down time on LB) > LB.
    Otherwize Ultrax is a stand still fight, so no need for Scorch at all.
    He may be unaware that the warlock has a simular debuf "Shadow and Flame" thus him refreshing Crit Mass with scorch each time?
    14 hard casted pyroblasts, meh

    His combustions of 13k and more are OK-ish, 13k is about the minimum though
    18 procs of Hot streak only 16 Pyroblast!

    Morchok, same story, Fire blasts, LB uptime, scorch is more usefull here due to movement, but seems high non the less.
    4 Dragons breaths??9 hard casted pyro's ??
    Combustion of 4k is just fail here..

    Zonozz 20 Hard Pyro's , didnt notice misses on the other fights but some misses here suggest he isnt hit capped
    23 hot streaks vs 20 Pyroblast! 61 scorches seems excesive 12 fire blasts, dragon breath, Flame strike?
    Only 2 combustions on a 5 minute fight is just meh, should be 4 atleast and done probably on the black phase not at random inbetween.

    Yors, Frost nova? Cone of Cold? 2 combustion on the positive side they were impacted nicely.. 76 scorches seems excesive again, LB at 60%
    19 hard cast Pyro's

    Hagara, Dragon Breath? Flame strike? again LB and Fire Blast and the hard casted Pyro's

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