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    - is TERA growing as in becoming more user friendly? are classes being tweaked/changed? are new things on the way?
    Tera is actually rather polished and robust. It is an MMO w/ a class trinity, however. Enjoyment tends to go down the more dependent you are on random players or the less time you have to commit- because it's an MMO. Naturally.

    - am i mistaking about d3 ?
    Not mistaken. Diablo is meant to be a gear grind. That is the appeal of the game, why fans play it; to grind/play the market.

    - am i mistaking about gw2 ?
    GW2 is fairly good. However, just as Guild Wars 1, the franchise has a particular style. GW2 is less niche than the first game, but still somewhat quirky compared to more run-of-the-mill MMOs such as Tera or TOR. By definition and example, GW2 is the opposite of "mediocre". It might be too unusual from the norm on first blush.

    All three of those are excellent games. Just a matter of understanding what they offer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rogerwilko View Post
    please advise one that has about 2-3 hours of free time / day.

    status now (from my point of view) :
    - I tried TERA but it seams un-balanced and not yet a mature game; LFG tool allows abuse and kicks, and it`s the same "LF TANK / LF HEALER LAST SPOT PLEASE" thing... Subscription will end soon.

    - Diablo3 is nice, but one you get to inferno act 2 you begin an endless gear / gold farm which is not a thing i would like to do every day. (are the other 2 games different?)

    - gw2 looks mediocre and i`m not so sure i will enjoy it. sure it wants to get read of healer/tank/dps but i have a bad feeling when i look at the graphics and the way the toons move/jump. it feels un-natural somehow....

    my questions for the MMO-Champs:
    - is TERA growing as in becoming more user friendly? are classes being tweaked/changed? are new things on the way?

    - am i mistaking about d3 ?

    - am i mistaking about gw2 ?

    thank you for your time!

    You are right about Tera and D3, but not GW2.
    But perhaps the game just doesn't appeal to you, so I won't try to preach for you. I've played the GW2 beta and it was great fun.

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    Tera engine is much stronger than GW2;p Alot higher graphics but also higher requirements, tbh I found Tera too repetitive and boring while GW is indeed vast and interesting but I agree with your feelings about movement and jumping. It feels really weird and when you strafe or turn it looks extremely unnatural, kinda like elder scrolls oblivion 3rd person cam;d Not that bad obviously, but too vexing to ignore.

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    First I would advise you to try one of the MOBA games ... Very time friendly. No raiding schedule. No unnecessary grinding. If that fails/failed, for most ppl D3 is not something long term. You get to inferno grind and that's the end of the fun part.

    GW2 ... I found movements of Charr and Norn to be normal, only the human when you watch it from the controllers PoV does seem a bit off. Whether it's better or worse than Tera differs for everyone.

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    I played both TERA and GW2 (betas) and I'll go with GW2. I quit TERA after reaching lvl 35, I just couldn't be arsed with the boring grind anymore.
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    Anyway, if you don't already see where I'm going with this, allow me to spell it out: the only meaningful MMORPG "endgame" -- i.e., something novel to do after the progression process is over -- is that of the sandbox.

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    Imo GW2 is a much better overall game (except combat which from what I experienced in the beta, is nothing really new). However I am a sucker for TERA's graphics and combat. Not really sure which one to stick with myself so I'll just try both and see where it goes. Tera has been making improvements and I'm sure a ton more are on the way.

    I'd just play TERA or D3 until GW2 comes out and then make a decision.

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    Tera would be the most enjoyable played in short 2-3 hour bursts. D3 is for long-term grinders, and GW2 is a more 'committed' type of experience.

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