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    You have no idea what you are talking about. The beta is a big indicator how the class will pan out at release, look at the last beta phases of rogues, they didn't get any attention or changes, some weapon damage percents are changed and that's it. Rogues are ALWAYS shafted at betas, and this beta it is not different. Have a look at the beta builds, when was the last beta build where rogues got a change or an update? Stop posting, beta is beta and that type of crap, beta is meant for testing out new mechanics, but you can't test anything when there is no change. The some old crap since burning crusade. Rogues shouldn't be ok with getting band aid fixed after the release of an expansion with patch 5.1 or 5.2 like it was in Cataclysm or in WotLK.
    I'm gonna agree here, the biggest changes we got were the initial ones. The changes to revealing strike etc, other then that we barely saw any changes, our class didn't even shop up in the patch hanges the last couple of months, like you said maybe a weapon % damage change... In the mean time our talents stay in a ridiculous position and our class gets a bunch of buffs/debuffs to keep up instead of some fun innovative changes... :/ And like Findme said, we got pretty shafted in all betas so far (for PvP mostly atleast).

    In TBC we played a mace stun spec and used prep/AD to do ridiculous damage and make us "viable", after Harp spec got nerfed they messed up cheat death, gave us legendaries and we were fotm. In LK we had high burst from mutilate together with prep which made us great, sub itself was complete crap however and its problems didn't get adressed at all, go full Arp and using PvE pieces is no fix. In cata we had SV which increased our damage but caused us to break gouge for example, this was fixed in a later patch, combat was gimpy as fuck at launch, fixed later aswell. Sub damage was really low and it took a great amount of effort to set up a kill, was barely adressed. Blizzard buffed SV the amount of % agi increase we gain as sub, further increasing scaling issues.

    So yeah, the way things went in the past I wouldn't be surprised if rogue goes live like this, and to actually answer the OP, I hope people are gonna start making some PvP vids soon so we can actually see how things are I guess. We can see things are off with some of our talents/abilities but seeing it in action always helps.

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    Realistically, what you see is what you will receive most of the time. And based on past beta cycles, which is not the best indicator, more than likely number tuning will coming up soon enough. It is clear that without crit yellow damage should be increased for all Rogue specs. How much we don't know, and poison scaling will be something to watch closely because it was a problem in WotLK.

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    A couple things i want to add:

    I'm not playing WoW anymore, but i'm still very interested how the classes evolve. I'm monitoring almost all classes along the expansions. The big picture here is that the rogues didn't evolve in WotLK, Cataclysm and now in MoP too. It seems like the devs don't know what to do with the class. Every other class gets a refresh and evolves over time, except the rogue. It's gets very stale and boring. I don't care how much damage the rogue does in PvE or PvP because damage can be fixed very easy, it's a numbers game. I'm interested in the mechanics and the talents. And analyzing them draws a very saddening picture. Even if most of the classes cry how OP rogues at the moment are, they are completely neglecting how rogues were at the beginning of Cata, in T11 and T12 content. Nobody cried about them, until the endgame gear + legendaries came. It's not good design if a class sucks until he has endgame gear. It's not fun to suck for almost a year and then being OP at the end.

    If i would play wow i would definitely stop playing the rogue. Since monks are a the new leather wearing class with many roles, the best option will be the monk.

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