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    H6/8 KILL exp'd Resto Shaman LF Guild end of Cata/MoP+

    So here it is: My main is H6/8 DS10, working on H Spine. Her guild only raids 3 nights per week, so I turned to this Shammy alt to try and clock some more raid time, etc. Unfortunately, the server she's on is a cesspool. (US Realm 161, only 2 guilds w/ H8/8, both 10-mans, etc)

    Since I initially wasn't sure what I really wanted out of this toon, I joined a guild out of trade, and joined their Thursday night raid group, making sure that I worked on getting up to what I consider to be min req reg DS10. I have had little to no luck w/ LFR drops (Yay trinket! Yay shoulders!), and, expecting a full clear this past Thursday, I brought the mats for all of my missing enchants bags, as well as my 2 missing chimera's eyes (can't blame a girl for hoping). Much to my dismay, the GM decided to lock the group to the previous week's raid in order to get the guild achievement for a Madness kill before the guild's 2nd group that runs on Friday evenings. We then wiped 3x to a HPally who believed his primary heal to be Divine Light, raiders not stacking, and general idiocy. Both the GM and HPally ignored anything that I suggested to try and improve the situation.

    What you can expect from me:
    • 99% attendance (I never miss a raid, and on the rare occasion that something comes up, I give as much advanced notice as humanly possible)
    • Always prepared for raids (repaired w/ gear fully min-maxed - I will have my current set squared away by tomorrow; as well as relevant consumables).
    • A dedicated raider that puts the time in to learn their class, as well as content.
    • Someone that welcomes criticism as it is a way to grow as a player.

    What I am looking for:
    • An Alliance 10-man guild - this is currently non-negotiable. (faction subject to change for an outstanding offer)
    • Either late nights 11PM EST+/8PM PST+ or raid days that fall on W/Th/F/Sat
    • A competent raid group - ALSO non-negotiable.

    TL;DR: Player w/ H6/8 kills on their main LF non-terribad guild to enjoy their Resto Shaman alt on. Meow RealID is cranchops gmail // Link to Main available upon request

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    check out retribution-guild.wowstead dot com go to recruitment.

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    Hi there, Nadieska!

    <Sovereign> US-Dragonmaw is now recruiting all skilled players to join us in the end of this expansion and through Mists progression. Not only do we raid Dragonsoul weekly, we also do old content (T11/T12 titles and mount runs, transmog runs, etc). We also enjoy world PvP every now and then, and look to make it the same tradition it once was in vanilla on our server during the weekdays casually when we're not defeating internet dargonz.

    About us:
    <Sovereign> has been around on Dragonmaw (US Realm 53) Alliance since Feb 2005 and is still operated under the same veterans that notably achieved the server's early vanilla raiding successes and has maintained the same competitive edge ever since. ( #1 server in Vanilla, #3 in WoTLK )

    We are looking to expand our family back into 25m raiding for mists and are looking for people like you that would be interested in joining us in a core raid position. Right now joining us would give you a raid spot in our 10m, going forward into Mists would make you a core raider by default.

    We provide flasks, feasts, and repairs to everyone, and will offer anyone that xfers to trial 10,000g hands down upon successfully completing their first trial raid with us.

    For us, we all have full time jobs or are going to school so raiding up to 5 days a week just isn't our cup of tea. We know that raiding only 2-3 days a week can be just as efficient as 4-5, with the proper focus and dedication.

    We are currently 6/8 HM, 15% left on the last plate.
    Raid nights: Wed/Sun/Mon from 7p-11p (sometimes ends sooner), PST. In Mists, we will be a weekend raiding guild. The days would be Sat/Sun from 7p-11p.
    Loot is distributed through Loot Council.

    We'd love to hear from you! Contact Khias/Despina or Perky/Perkchetta on Dragonmaw (Alliance) or message me for Real ID information.

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    We fit your raid times well and we're definitely looking for an elemental/resto shaman. We don't have a problem with raiding in two groups as long as you have the time and energy to be fully dedicated to our raid and your performance is up to par. You can see all our pertinent information here: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...ata-into-Mists

    Hope to hear from you soon and good luck with the search!
    www.mostlydead.enjin.com - We're recruiting!

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    Hi Nadieska

    We need a resto shaman - 6/8H on farm. We raid once a week on a Saturday, our group is competent, etc... We've been stuck on spine for a long time due to only having 2 healers. Need a 3rd to kill Spine maybe you could be that person? Zul'jin is a fairly well populated server, so if it didn't work out, I'm sure there'd be other options.

    Guild info:

    [Erudite] 10 man raiding guild on Zul'jin alliance
    Currently recruiting: Resto or elemental shaman (bonus points for both!), possibly a mage.
    Raid times: Saturdays 12-5 EST
    www . eruditeguild . com
    or find Bartholomew, Frederick, Padraig or Redleicester on zul'jin alliance.
    RealID: nhonahoe AT gmail DOT com

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