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    Another thread that made my day!

    I love you all.

    On topic:
    - An, somewhat, doctor/medic/nurse type guy/girl that has HoT spells for allies and DoT spells for enemies.
    Maybe a guy with a BIG needle, that would be great.

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    Something like Kog'maw, he is probably the most awesome looking champion in the game. I'm fed up with these human champions, they're both uninteresting in design and abilities, and they always end up as OP on release. I'm hoping for some AP monster champ, no matter if it is AP carry or AP Bruiser or whatever.

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    Would like to see a Paladin-type champion up next.

    Something like this:

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    I actually had in mind something like that, some type of "judge"-champion, though Kayle is already sort of like that.

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    We have Taric as a pally... now lets get us some nature magic!! I want to root people in vines and have insects eat my enemies flesh!!
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    Youre in the mmo forums and you find mmos boring, Im heading on over to the twilight forums to add my unecessary and shallow 2 cents.

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    I would like more champions that can shape shift.
    .......( ^v^)")
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    I would actually like to see a Witch Doctor themed champion as well. Maybe a new friend for Ryze? He seems so lonely.

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    A Black non generic boxer/brawler type champion that doesn't have an afro...

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    Pulsefire Ezreal...

    Honestly with all the upgrades it is a whole new champion on it's own!

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    Once i think about it, Im not actually sure what i'd want to see come next... I think we could do with a support which is water themed or Kog'daddy!

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    pfft as if you care..
    Quote Originally Posted by Swiftero View Post
    Some sort of medic that uses that... "medical magic"-stuff along with medical supplies, perhaps from Demacia, that could be played as support.
    I don't know, but I have just had in mind some sort of "field medic" support for LoL. I'm aware it might sound dumb.
    pure support would be nice with mana and health restoring abilities and maybe a shield or teleport ulti

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    Tree, like Maokai. I want many tree, nature based champs

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    OK! I want to see a black guy!
    Probably a AP Carry. Black wizard guy.

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    AP carry seems the next logical choice tbh. Maybe a black magic voodoo character who has a CC fear, and curses. Basically, a witch doctor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gemdust View Post
    A sea nymph with Storm/lightning/Aquatic themed abilities, along the lines what Tempest Janna could have been if she wasn't air themed. Never know it could happen, I wanted to play a Fae Sorceress and look who popped up! so who knows! lol.


    Ok I would now also like riot to give me the lottery numbers!

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    Necro is bad. Please don't dig out threads like that.
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