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    Incorrect, you can import them. In the UK at least its a bit of a pain as it has to be through martial arts clubs, you cant just buy them off the street> But exceptions were made to weapons categories for traditionally made weapons. And they are still made in some places, and whilst your figure of Tens of thousands of pounds is a bit hyperbolic, its true they are not cheap./
    The ones you speak of tend not to be traditionally made, they're quickly forged with modern materials and methods and aren't crafted to the same standard as 'real' katanas. I've heard of newly-made traditional Katanas selling for over $50,000, but most of the 30 or so remaining proper swordsmiths do tend to tell westerners to fuck off if they're just looking for something "cool".

    If it's not hand-crafted by one of the few proper swordsmiths I wouldn't consider it to be authentic.
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    Your average hardware store building hammers have been using to kill living humans many many times.
    It doesn't take much force behind one of those to completely shatter through the skull, the issue really comes down to how much brain mushing is required to kill the zombie.
    Personally they would be the most ideal weapon except they require you to get very close, which might make it the a better choice where you dont have room to swing a larger weapon, I would still like a bit more range though.

    I'd also think that a zombie's bones are going to be weaker if anything than a humans due to being dead, also not counting any damage the person incurred before becoming a zombie.

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    are we talking the kind of zombie if it bites you you go zombie or are we just talking the kind that every human that dies just now comes back as one if the first none useing a close combat wep is just bad all around the second one you are looking for something for cutting off heads so a Scimitar with a fat head works better to pull the blade through the neck.

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    Well, something with a longer reach like bill or halberd will be much better to fight it.

    Also katana as a sword is mostly overrated. It seems it became some kind of pop culture.

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    The issue with hammers is that unless you take the head clean off or you mush the brain the zombie will just keep coming after you !
    A blunt force weapon would be the best choice for the vast majority of people in this hypothetical zombie situation. No matter how well made, any blade is subject to deterioration and degeneration without care and skill on the users part. A decapitating strike with a "katana" is likely the most efficient way to neutralize a zombie, what happens if you nick the vertebrae at the wrong angle or your follow through strikes a brick wall? Sure a "blademaster" could avoid this, but how many of those are walking around? The combination of upkeep and required skill just leaves a sword with serious drawbacks. In comparison an aluminum baseball bat is virtually indestructible and requires little or no skill to use, and inflicting brain trauma severe enough to stop a zombie is much easier than you might believe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Netherspark View Post
    The ones you speak of tend not to be traditionally made, they're quickly forged with modern materials and methods and aren't crafted to the same standard as 'real' katanas. I've heard of newly-made traditional Katanas selling for over $50,000, but most of the 30 or so remaining proper swordsmiths do tend to tell westerners to fuck off if they're just looking for something "cool".

    Well yes, the historic ones are, but the new ones are actually bettter, better materials and properly forged so are far superior as actual weapons. And a lot of the expensive ones are not weapons really, they are display pieces, meant to show off the skill of the maker. If you want a blade to cut with, you go for functional over decorative.
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    I have a wakizashi and a katana, both hand made, was 400 and 700 euros each, its a friend of a friend who makes swords, the friend is himself a blacksmith and does all the medieval faires.

    But, towards your question, none is good vs zombies.
    A katana relies on finesse and decisive lethal strikes or many cuts and disabling, a zombie couldnt care less about all of that.
    What you want is brute force and anything shaped like a falcata or a kukri.

    The center of gravity on a katana is close to the handle, to allow quick movements but that isnt that great if you want to cut off heads (unless you have humongous strenght but that goes away after a while, getting tired and all)
    Also a katana is made to slash, not pierce so stabbing someones skull with a katana will be quite the challenge.

    Another important thing, katanas rust, and they need proper care and a kit, and knowledge of how to dissemble and assemble, if anything its one of the worst swords you can have for a zombie apocalipse.

    Now, the falcata, kukri, kopesh (or elfish blades) have their center of gravity at the blade or even almost at the tip, as such they work as axes (that is why the roman legions had a lot of trouble fighting the barbarians they used falcatas which would eat up roman armor as paper so that advantage was gone and actually would be a disadvantage over the almost naked barbarians as armor restricted their movements, their armours werent the finely crafted full plates which allow great mobility, but heavy breastplates which are quite restrictive and many times chain mail which is VERY heavy and awfully distributed weight wise, not to mention that having the gravity at the blade makes the blow much stronger even if a chainmail protects it, will break bones.)

    So one of those blades would be premium to cut off heads and do crazy damage, those are the best swords.
    You can also go with an european middle ages sword as they are quite good at priecing and slashing equally, but those were also balanced closer to the handle (even more so than katanas btw, but being heavier and broader makes me a tad slower, also designed to pierce and crush, not so much slash, although they could do it as well)

    The benefit of kukris/falcatas/machetes/kopesh is that they also work very well at clearing wood, you DONT want to chop up wood with a katana unless you want to ruin the blade, they arent made for brute force.

    Edit: i realized i made a bubu, a katana's center of gravity isnt AT the handle, oversimplified it, it is around 4-8cm from the handle depending on the sword, the point remains that it is not a very good sword for zombies.

    Edit2: I love katanas, they are beautiful and elegant blades, but fiction aside you gotta know what each blade is made for, and its not zombies :P
    A katana would have quite the hard time against a medieval knight with his metal armor, unless the guy stroke for unprotected parts which are rare in the most advanted pieces of armor, the katana user has no chance at all.
    This is why against knights you would use piercing or crushing weapons, such as a crossbow or a morning star, since you cant quite cut the armor you want to damage the guy via impact, transfering energy through the armour, as a mace does.
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    Not sure i can help the OP. But Ask Saeko Busujima what she uses.

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    I see i killed the conversation, a trait of mine ...

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    Better take a baseball bat to shove them off. A blade can get dull, can break, get stuck in the bone, and so on. Bludgeoning weapons don't have those lacks. A baseball bat is light, yet it delivers bone-crushing blows. Or you could try a mace and go all medieval on their asses.

    Also, listen to advice from Daryl Dixon and take a bow or crossbow. If you're careful enough, you'll never run out of ammo.

    Also, try Frostmourne. Who knows, maybe they'll kneel before you
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    You're probably looking at a couple thousand euros for a nice sword. Don't buy the cheap shit that's mass produced.

    I have a few that would be suitable, but I bought them for their historical value and they weren't exactly cheap enough to justify buying for your delusional scenario lol.

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    if it has to be melee.. i guess a sharp one

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