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    Tera subscription being a scam or just bugged for me?

    After a few days playing Tera I came to the conclusion, this is not the game for me (graphical issues, not lovin' the graphics..). With also d3 that came out I haven't even touched Tera since almost the release. Now I was trying to log into their website, everthing went fine even though they got their asian crack anti hack stupid system which itself is a pain.. Now I press to manage my subscrption and all I get is
    A technical error occurred. Please try again later. You can contact support at http://support.gamepay.de

    This has been going on for 1 week now. Does this mean that they're going to rip of cash from me or are they finally going to come up with a solution. Need some help, not paying for a game I ain't playing :/. Up for any solutions, expect of calling them please -

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    call them and get it over with; and use the megathread
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