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    Scarab Mount (archaeology) in MOP.

    Hello everybody. I was just discussing the upcoming changes in MOP about the whole 'account wide achievements, mounts, pets' etc. And I'm going to play my paladin since I retired my main at the start of Cataclysm. Now he has way over 100 mounts, and the only reason I'm playing my pala is because he will get them too. Now, my old main also has the Scarab mount from archaeology. And I loveee that mount. But I'm too lazy to level archaeology again and grind it for the mount. Does anyone know, if I have to have 525 arch before I can use the Scarab mount on my paladin or not? Or is it too fast to say, because beta doesn't have the changes down to point yet?


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    Considering all Archy epics are BoA and all my alts can wear them (proficiency depending) I'd say don't worry. All your alts will be able to ride the Archy mount. Nowhere does it say in the tooltip even now you need a skill in archy to summon it.

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    I hope you dont, and sounds valid.

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    Valid points, both of you. But since Blizzard said Engineering and Tailoring mounts won't be account wide unless you have that certain profession?

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    My level 27 panda monk (that i am slowly levelling) has access to my warriors Untramarine Battle Tank. There is also no "requires archaeology" text associated with the tooltip, so you should be fine.

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    I don't think it has a profession requirement so you should be. That said, I hope the ones that do have a requirement can't be used by classes/toons that cannot use then (Dreadsteed/Felsteed, Deathcharger, etc.)

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    Hopefully it's account wide

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    I'd like it to be account wide, but I've not gotten it on even one char yet, so boo...

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