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    Professions for Prot Warrior and Retri Pally. Now and MoP

    Hi all,

    I'm playing a new toon to 85 together with my girlfriend. As we had a long wow break but want to start again and be ready for MoP.
    Now regarding the professions, is it already possible to tell which professions make sense for our classes?
    She was to go with enchanting, would you recommend it for a Retri Pally?
    I for myself would like to go with Engi, but I'm still not convinced that it will be any better than in the past.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Engineering pretty much still sucks. Enchanting and JC for me are the most useful at making gold and improving the character with better gems and ring enchants. Since you're both plate wearers one of you picking up blacksmith might be useful. Then probably mining to help feed ore to the BS/JCer.

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